Traducción de superficially en Español:


superficialmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˌsupərˈfɪʃəli//ˌsuːpəˈfɪʃ(ə)li/


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    (damage/affect) superficialmente
    • Biopsies of the epiglottic mass showed fragments of a superficially ulcerated lesion overlying a dense histiocytic infiltrate.
    • Veins run both deep in the legs and superficially under the skin.
    • Indentation can only occur when a track surface is reasonably abrasive - ie when it has a number of imperfections that will superficially impact on the tyre tread.
    • This cooking method allows small pieces of food to be seared and cooked very superficially, thus retaining their texture and flavour.
    • In this case, blood from the thenar eminence has migrated proximally and appears superficially at the proximal and distal palmar creases, where the fascia comes through the carpal tunnel.
    • The first case occurred in a 73-year-old man with a history of superficially invasive transitional cell carcinoma who presented with macroscopic hematuria and anemia.
    • Small, metal objects deeply embedded in soft tissue pose a lower risk for complication than even superficially embedded organic material, such as wood.
    • The nerve may be avoided by staying superficially on the fascia and by being aware of the location of the fibula.
    • In more basal vertebrates, cartilaginous structures can become superficially calcified in at least two different modes.
    • What I saw was a small piece of metal sticking very superficially in the skin of Kerry's arm.
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    (resemble/differ) superficialmente
    (differ/resemble) en apariencia
    (study/examine) superficialmente
    (examine/study) por encima
    • For whatever reasons, Britain has become a much more tolerant society - at least superficially - over the intervening decades.
    • Superficially there were few changes in the character of politics around the middle of the century.
    • This superficially mawkish fairy tale is subverted by a remarkable combination of comic brutality, acute formalism, and inconsolable sorrow.
    • Kosky, who seems unable to explore the emotional qualities of this drama in any real depth, treats them superficially.
    • Seely superficially analyzes the main methods of counting annual layers.
    • Their goal is superficially to avenge their friend's death, but in reality they have darker motives.
    • Superficially, 2004 has been a reasonable year for our personal finances.
    • The record also demonstrates how far Kennedy has developed his gift for expressing complex ideas within a superficially simple lyric.
    • Superficially colorful, lively, and entertaining, this dance is instantly forgettable.
    • When he touches upon Poe's themes, he does so superficially, or obscurely.
    • But here we must take care not to judge people's ideology superficially, by merely looking at their insignia or uniforms.
    • Adults rarely correct children's speech - much of which is superficially ungrammatical.
    • The starting point for these issues is really clause 3, which seems superficially to be straightforward.
    • The two films, at least superficially, do not have that much in common, aside from British-born writers and directors.
    • This book articulates the principles and practice of breast cytopathology superficially, but rather clearly.
    • But it is worth first pausing to look back, however briefly and superficially, over a longer sweep.
    • The article references Eggers ' old thing about criticism, but deals with it too superficially.
    • Although the premise is centered around 1970s male chauvinism, the script only examines this topic superficially.
    • However, there was method to their superficially lumpen violence.
    • Well I'm concerned that there isn't an automatic requirement to include environmental issues however superficially.
    • Like much of the play, it is superficially amusing but ultimately horrifying.
    • Superficially, telecoms and international aviation have certain similarities between them.
    • However, these topics are all covered rather superficially.
    • He superficially addresses such issues as poverty on reservations, suicide rates, alcoholism and the consequences of alcohol consumption, and accident rates.
    • The series I thought treated these stories too superficially in the time allotted, but a stellar cast makes the most of it.
    • Superficially, their Cold War roles might seem to have been remarkably similar.
    • Art is made in the name of Nature, and Nature, superficially at least, is chaotic.
    • For the rest, the event that was going to change everything has, superficially, altered nothing much.
    • Tempelhof in his history of the Seven Years War is the earliest writer who gives it regularly, but at the same time he does it only very superficially.
    • And his warning to the people, particularly the youth, is not to look at the problems of globalisation superficially.
    • At the heart of the movie is the romance between Richard and Elise, which is only superficially explored.
    • An idealist foreign policy sounds superficially more "moral" than the calculation of national interest, but it leads easily to self-righteous crusading.
    • A superficially similar but diametrically opposed practice exists among certain bloggers.
    • They discuss the fact that to the great surprise of security and government officials, so many seemingly disparate and superficially incompatible groups came together to participate in the protests.
    • Even in superficially symmetrical organisms, there is almost always some consistent deviation from absolute symmetry.
    • The results were superficially impressive, but already in the 1950s there was trouble beneath the surface.
    • Such layering makes the painting inaccessible to anyone responding to it hastily or superficially.
    • As a journalist you tend to be covering a lot of different things superficially.
    • To say Aileen chose prostitution is to only superficially understand the impact of what people did to her.
    • The Cost Accounting Department was churning out monthly reports that were superficially very impressive.
    • But each is so superficially sketched that it is hard to develop a connection with any of them.
    • The ecology and behavior of North American hummingbirds have been studied in considerable detail, but their wing morphology has been described only superficially.
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