Traducción de superimpose en Español:


superponer, v.

Pronunciación /ˌsup(ə)rəmˈpoʊz//ˌsuːp(ə)rɪmˈpəʊz/

verbo transitivo

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    • He has manipulated the maps in a variety of ways that includes superimposing images drawn from various sources like First Aid books, cooking guides and medieval icons.
    • There's a common theme here about superimposing different realities onto each other to see what you learn in the course of that process.
    • The Trilogy is not epic precisely, as the three movies are superimposed rather than laid end to end: a witty study of parallel realities and parallel lives.
    • The writing was superimposed on a washed-out photograph of two beautiful children in overalls, hand in hand.
    • On the poster, the now famous Gelede mask is superimposed upon a world globe, its wings stretching across west Africa into the Atlantic Ocean.
    • I thought we could take advantage of that by somehow superimposing the letters of the two words.
    • The director further subverted the original's scuzzy naturalism by superimposing the images or arranging them in split screens.
    • His combined work in sound and electricity led him to devise a means of transmitting several telegraphic messages at once over a single wire by superimposing intermittent currents of differing frequencies.
    • He superimposed text on both drawing and script: Text supersedes handwritten script, however, and exerts its hierarchical superiority.
    • The human memory is not a factual record, you can rewrite a page you don't like by superimposing your own version often enough.
    • On top of this already split frame, he superimposes another angle of the same content, this time a medium-shot of him in profile standing before the door with his camera in hand.
    • One of the most successful and consistent American conductors making recordings today, everything she conducts, no matter how familiar it is, sounds fresh and exciting, and without superimposing her ego on it.
    • For example, motion-analysis software superimposes video on a grid to determine joint angles and can calculate such things as torque and acceleration.
    • He never superimposes the lens into situations, and he lets scenarios play out before, not because of, him.
    • But my project is not simply how to superimpose these components - these maps; there is another layer to be considered: a base map of a completely different scale and intensity.
    • Beginning the work with one strip of film and a single soundtrack of chanted sutra, the artist superimposes film and sound until he arrives at 32 layers of image and audio.
    • After superimposing the new road on the prints, they decided not to build it.
    • They do not need me or any of the rest of us superimposing our emotions on them.
    • In each unit, the artist superimposes an outlined figure onto elaborate floral designs borrowed from Ottoman ceramics.
    • By locating the exact spot occupied by the nineteenth-century photographer and superimposing the historical image on a large-format camera, the staff was able to determine the missing structure's height and roof pitch.