Traducción de superiority en Español:


superioridad, n.

Pronunciación /suːˌpɪərɪˈɒrɪti//səˌpɪriˈɔrədi/


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    • 1.1(in quality)

      superioridad femenino
      • Building on relative superiority is achieved by comparing products systematically with competitors and investing selectively either to improve the attractiveness of the product or to reduce the cost.
      • This includes challenging our sense of moral, political, military, cultural and religious superiority over others.
      • Things go wrong, however, when that develops into an undeserved superiority over other ideas.
      • These facilities can help the US military quickly gain air superiority throughout Central Asia, and even into the Middle East.
      • The reason was the absolute perfection of her appearance and her air of invincible superiority.
      • I believe a free society can be achieved only by convincing our fellow men of its superiority over possible alternatives.
      • We chose this case because it was not a simple story of one innovation's demonstrable technical and economic superiority over an incumbent rival.
      • The disc extras offer a further level of superiority over the previous release, which was a barebones disc.
      • This cast and this production prove their superiority again here and serve the script well, neither overplaying the melodrama or underemphasizing the pain.
      • Both detectives soon come to blows over how to handle the case, each totally convinced of their superiority over the other until the killer strikes again, and again.
      • Russia reportedly developed anti-satellite weapons at the height of the Cold War and China is judged to pose a threat to the US's strategic superiority in space.
      • At higher graphics quality settings the newer graphics core proves its superiority, though.
      • However, superiority over our ancestors in science and culture does not guarantee us being more artistic.
      • He'd love to flaunt the weapon like that under the very nose of the detective, further establishing his intellectual superiority over the dumb cop.
      • Technical superiority is only important when it delivers proven solution superiority.
      • As the privileged core of colonial English education, they were used to bolster ideas of English superiority over the culture and literature of the ‘natives’.
      • The practical results also suggest its superiority over the rivals, as we have just seen from the performance graph above.
      • The implications for national greatness and commercial superiority were stressed repeatedly.
      • Neither teacher nor student should have superiority over the other in this pedagogic arrangement.
      • Scene after scene, the professor uses the meaning he assigns to words to establish dictatorial superiority over his pupil up until to the abrupt dark comedic ending.

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      superioridad femenino

    • 1.3(self-importance)

      superioridad femenino
      with an air of superiority con aire de superioridad
      • There's nothing like a worm attack that spares Linux to bring out the smug superiority in Linux users.
      • The heathens then justify their own machinations - like public humiliations, for starters - with an ugly air of moral superiority.
      • It reinforces a sense of superiority in a society that says it doesn't believe in classes, and it allows Americans to establish feelings of dominance and superiority over others.
      • And like most messy people, I harbor a sense of superiority over neatniks; I'm simply too busy to waste time shuffling papers.
      • Culturalism smacks of attitudes of superiority and cultural elitism - my culture is better than yours.
      • What might happen if he allowed himself to leave the safety of haughty solitude and moral superiority, to love other human beings who are beyond his control?
      • True, his whole attitude is one of superiority, but it is more playful in nature.
      • Such attitudes, he felt, supported whites' feelings of superiority.
      • The worst sin of all was ‘side’ - showing off either wealth or intellectual superiority.
      • This air of religious superiority informed their efforts to Christianize the ‘heathen’ Indians.
      • This, unfortunately, tended to manifest as an often crudely expressed affectation of superiority.
      • In his gallery of caricatures are the British who brought with them imperialistic arrogance and a powerful sense of cultural superiority.
      • Also, while he has been portrayed by a number of actors over the years, he always maintains a level of intellectual superiority which gives the character a certain edge and attitude.
      • The main weakness of the tradition is an attitude of campy superiority, one that can quickly become self-congratulatory.
      • It was with such airs of superiority that I spent every free moment during my two years at Yale buried in the corner of the library.

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    (in rank, amount, number)
    superioridad femenino
    they achieved air superiority alcanzaron la supremacía aérea