Traducción de superstar en Español:


superestrella, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsuːpəstɑː//ˈsupərˌstɑr/


  • 1

    superestrella femenino
    gran estrella femenino
    galáctico masculino
    galáctica femenino
    a tennis superstar una superestrella / una gran estrella / un galáctico del tenis
    • Today, media superstars, including sports heroes, pop divas and movie stars, are at the forefront of news and pop culture.
    • Even with all her superstar diva qualities, she's too lightweight, too soft to portray a scheming seductress.
    • Almost overnight the group became superstars.
    • This is nothing new for the superstar - almost every film he has written has been essentially the same.
    • I admire both men for taking chances that one would not expect superstars to take.
    • He also was the most boring and most conceited of all boxing superstars.
    • Examples are as prevalent as the desire of Hollywood to promote television teens into blockbuster superstars.
    • A lot of boys in my grade care more about being the class clown or a sports superstar than being a star student.
    • The huge salaries paid to the American superstars are paid in U.S. dollars into U.S. bank accounts and stay in the United States.
    • The future superstars of this industry will be those who find the balance.
    • Possibly, since they can be counted among the superstars of today who recognise the need to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction in constructing themselves.
    • By this time he had become an international superstar, and suddenly had the clout to do pretty much whatever he wanted musically.
    • But when it was announced that I was going to be in this movie, I became a superstar overnight at my children's school.
    • He's maybe not so much a genius himself, or actually have the technical skill to develop computers, but he's probably a guy who recognizes superstars.
    • That's why studios overspend on superstars… they at least guarantee a little success… usually.
    • Athletes, the new superstars, tie their performance to a myriad of deals and marketing that makes them a part of our everyday existence, even if we aren't fans.
    • It sold in the millions - and that was about 50 years ago when selling a million records was something few superstars ever did.
    • There wasn't any money in the budget to hire the superstars from the original film.
    • All those who used to make a living by imitating superstars have become film stars in their own right.
    • The second series marked the point where the quartet became superstars, with scenes from each episode being acted out in offices up and down Britain next morning.