Traducción de superstratum en Español:


superestrato, n.

Pronunciación /suːpəˈstrɑːtəm//suːpəˈstreɪtəm//ˈsupərˌstreɪdəm//ˈsupərˌstrædəm/

nombrePlural superstrata

  • 1

    superestrato masculino
  • 2

    estrato superior masculino
    • However, other sounds commonly not found may be due to superstratum influence.
    • This action can both reduce the surface pollution of superstratum soil and promote the growth of the mycelia and the funguses.
    • When a language modifies the grammar of another language then the nation that speaks the first one can be considered a superstratum nation in relation to the nation that speaks the second one.
    • It is protected, however, by a wide pebbly beach on which the waves spend their fury before they reach the superstrata of clay.
    • Then the superstratum and underlayer of the protein-embedded lipid bilayer were respectively solvated by the SPC water model, because the SPC model has been applied well in simulating lipid bilayer-water systems.
    • A standard view in Japanese academic circles is that Japanese was developed as a mixed language between an Austronesian substratum and an Altaic (or ‘Northern’ by the more doubtful) superstratum.
    • While Kurdish is a superstratum of Neo-Aramaic, Yiddish is a primary contributor to Israeli.
    • Consider the following English phrase as a way of examining a superstratum and substratum.
    • His success is catnip to the supermodels, to the performers who wear his designs, and to the superstrata of the fashion media.
    • If on the other hand, these were imposed on them by a more powerful superstratum, they had to acquiesce.
    • His position in the superstrata of rock is assured, even though the enigmatic personality has made it difficult to pinpoint his aims and his role.