Traducción de supper en Español:


cena, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsəpər//ˈsʌpə/


  • 1

    (evening meal)
    cena femenino
    comida América Latina
    to have supper comer América Latina
    • what's for supper? ¿qué hay de cena?
    • would you like to stay to supper? ¿le gustaría quedarse a cenar?
    • Then he'd play catch with his son for 15 or 20 or 30 minutes before supper.
    • Originating in London, the spa towns and developing seaside resorts to provide entertainment for their seasonal influx of visitors, Assemblies consisted of a concert followed by dancing, card games and a light supper.
    • Two of her four children were in their locked bedroom, waiting for their supper.
    • After they eat supper, they argue over the remnants of the basket of mushrooms.
    • The tour will be from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., followed by a light supper and social hour.
    • He chooses times of day when the lights are just coming on, twilight or early evening, when people are still awake, maybe congregating in a single room for supper or to watch TV.
    • The three carried their supper into the living room and after a few mouthfuls of tea, picked up their instruments.
    • She'll be having her supper on a tray, watching the sundown birds.
    • You might just end up without any supper for the evening.
    • It was obviously meant for family meals or private informal suppers with friends.
    • Card tables were set up, a good supper was enjoyed and plenty of gossip ensued.
    • They had all eaten poisonous mushrooms for supper, except the boy, who was denied supper as a punishment, because he had misbehaved.
    • He sits there for a while, but a nurse comes along and makes him get some supper.
    • Traditional Spanish tapas bars serve meat, cheese, tortillas and salads as the light evening supper, and Spanish wine flows freely, as does olive oil.
    • But then his mom told him to clean his room and get washed up for supper.
    • They will be greeted with a light supper before heading to the local pub for a drink.