Traducción de supporter en Español:


partidario, n.

Pronunciación /səˈpɔːtə//səˈpɔrdər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(adherent)

      partidario masculino
      partidaria femenino
      • In this type of movement, we can also learn how to relate to supporters of other left wing parties.
      • The activists selling the paper were finding a legal way of organising supporters of an illegal party.
      • The results are likely to dismay supporters of liberal teaching methods.
      • The supporters of the Symposium proposal have a battle plan and they believe it will work.
      • How did supporters of the proposed federal Constitution contest this position?
      • The democratic left should never again allow itself to be led by the supporters of totalitarianism.
      • However, supporters of the new regime argue that the customer will not suffer.
      • My wife and I are supporters of the festival and actually come to Lancaster to stay for two weeks around it.
      • It is often said by supporters of the EU that it is misunderstood and that it is even the subject of xenophobia.
      • It is hugely encouraging that the supporters of this noble programme are coalescing.
      • There would appear to be some confusion among these supporters of the AUT boycott decision.
      • However, even supporters of the plans now admit that the government has failed to make a clear case for the cards.
      • Those who refused to vote would be considered supporters of the separatists, he said.
      • Only Protestants escaped the onslaught, though they were never supporters of the regime.
      • The backlash has been muted, further encouraging Scottish supporters of a ban to push for change.
      • Those who claim to be peace protesters but remain supporters of the Labour party are hypocrites.
      • It should be noted from the outset that I have long been a public supporter of uniting the political right federally.
      • A common argument put by supporters of the proposal is that it is vital to the future prosperity of the city centre.
      • This was the site two weeks ago of a protest by supporters of asylum rights.
      • The effect on the supporters of alternative government could be seen on the streets of London all last week.

    • 1.2Deporte

      hincha masculino
      seguidor masculino
      seguidora femenino
      to thank one's supporters agradecer a la afición
      • The Leinster supporter has been actively engaged in fundraising for the hospital for several years.
      • So today, how many supporters support their team because they actually know the players?
      • By then the fizz was largely gone from the home team and the Irish supporters left the ground as they had entered it.
      • The Greens are delighted to add their congratulations to the team and its supporters.
      • There are still a few places on the Academy bus for supporters wishing to travel to Whitehaven on Sunday.
      • Without exception, however, it is clear that all supporters want the team to win.
      • Even the most optimistic supporter of this Italian team would struggle to argue their case in the Tour of Spain.
      • They insist there is no chance of either team returning if supporters have strayed onto the playing surface.
      • You must have nerves of steel to be a Great Britain supporter, because the team will put you through an emotional rollercoaster.
      • As a supporter of a team or an individual that gets to an all-Ireland final, there's also something very special.
      • Joe took a keen interest in sport and was a renowned supporter of the Mayo teams.
      • He had a great fondness for sport and was a strong supporter of the Galway hurling and football teams.
      • I am yet to read in a newspaper, or see on television, a report involving a brawl with the supporter of a rugby team and the match officials.
      • Another bonfire and a big crowd of supporters awaited the team as they arrived into town.
      • York was a keen supporter of our sport and until recently an active pilot himself.
      • It used to be the case that the supporters lifted the team and the team lifted the supporters.
      • He was the most vociferous supporter of the team, and he loved being part of it.
      • This will be the last opportunity this year for the two clubs' supporters to view their teams.
      • Tom is a staunch supporter of western teams, no matter what the sporting code.
      • Even more, I am very pleased do it here in France for the team and all our supporters.

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