Traducción de supposedly en Español:


supuestamente, adv.

Pronunciación /səˈpoʊzədli//səˈpəʊzɪdli/


  • 1

    he is supposedly responsible for … se supone que él es el responsable de …
    • Even areas that are supposedly protected are absurdly abused, the dossier alleges.
    • That one arm of a supposedly free press would do this to another is irony indeed.
    • The first indication it had supposedly happened was a look of frozen horror as he took his first bite.
    • As with so many sports, the dawn of a new century brought nostalgia for a supposedly vanished golden age.
    • The rudiments of a police force now exist, supposedly being trained by Germans.
    • Worst of all, a company with supposedly growing sales was actually slipping backwards.
    • Time and again, the club have been supposedly on the brink of selling off their antiquated ground.
    • What's worse is when these people are supposedly your elders and betters and making such a public show of it.
    • Should a supposedly neutral information source be making such editorial judgments?
    • Believe it or not, these supposedly silly methods can make all the difference.
    • Anyway, all of the supposedly positive aspects of autumn are dragged up by us as September kicks in.
    • The result on screen is a form of animation but supposedly with realistic movements and emotions.
    • Prehistoric art shows magical rites which supposedly ensured successful hunting.
    • It's the Americans who want the end of February to be the final of a series of supposedly final deadlines.
    • This is supposedly all in the name of improved efficiency and reduced costs.
    • Last night's attack came in the form of a message supposedly from one of her friends.
    • For an economy that has supposedly abolished boom and bust, those are pretty big moves and of the bust type.
    • Traffic numbers have supposedly been monitored, but does anyone really know what it is like?
    • Even the policemen who arrived there supposedly on the call of duty turned a blind eye.
    • It's supposedly a true story from a young boy who managed to escape the slums by becoming a photographer.