Traducción de surprised en Español:


sorprendido, adj.

Pronunciación /sərˈpraɪzd//səˈprʌɪzd/


  • 1

    (look) sorprendido
    (look) de sorpresa
    a surprised Mr Smith said he had no idea why he had been chosen el señor Smith dijo sorprendido que no tenía idea de por qué lo habían elegido a él
    • to be surprised
    • I've never been so surprised in my life! nunca en la vida me había llevado una sorpresa así
    • don't be surprised if he doesn't like it no te sorprenda si no le gusta
    • I wouldn't be at all surprised if she were behind all this no me extrañaría / no me sorprendería nada que ella estuviera detrás de esto
    • to be surprised at sth/sb
    • I'm surprised at John missing a meeting me extraña / me sorprende que John haya faltado a la reunión
    • well, I'm surprised at you, Laura bueno, Laura, me sorprendes
    • she was surprised at how easy it was le sorprendió lo fácil que era
    • I'm surprised (that) … (+ subj) me sorprende / me extraña (que) …
    • I'm surprised (that) she accepted me sorprende / me extraña que haya aceptado
    • they were surprised that the parcel had arrived so quickly se sorprendieron de que el paquete hubiera llegado tan rápido
    • to be surprised to + inf
    • I was very surprised to hear of your engagement me sorprendió mucho enterarme de tu compromiso
    • She looked surprised, but answered encouragingly, "Oh, Mrs. H., we have plenty of sugar in the house."
    • Another surprised spectator acknowledges that Westerners actually do have a sense of humour.
    • However, the folks behind a recent study sound surprised that a whopping 56 % of resumes are now sent by email.
    • Happy and surprised passers-by streamed off of the street to nibble at the samples and admire the displays.
    • Both Georgiana and Charles looked surprised at these words, but Darcy continued even before they had a chance to form a question.
    • Surprised authorities then sent reinforcements consisting of 200 martial police to quell further unrest in the city.
    • The remark drew a surprised response from some of the judges.
    • Surprised laughter had met moments of his choreography on more than one occasion.
    • "Who are you?" she asked, genuinely surprised that anyone would be bothering her.
    • But when the inquisitor asks for the names of backing musicians, the response ranges from total bewilderment to pleasantly surprised acknowledgement of utter ignorance.