Traducción de surprising en Español:


sorprendente, adj.

Pronunciación /səˈprʌɪzɪŋ//sərˈpraɪzɪŋ/


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    (achievement/success) sorprendente
    (achievement/success) asombroso
    (omission/disclosure) sorprendente
    it's hardly surprising he's upset no es de extrañarse que esté disgustado
    • That was the most surprising discovery of the day.
    • Perhaps it is hardly surprising that police officers, or security officials or even civil servants lobby for more powers.
    • Such baseline studies can yield surprising results.
    • Coming up next, some surprising news about the recession.
    • The sharp slowdown in the economy in the second quarter and in payroll jobs in June and July is easily the most surprising development in the economy this year.
    • Though Ormrod's book is too recent to figure in the bibliography, his earlier publications are a more surprising omission.
    • The disc has a surprising number of special features.
    • The laughter was surprising in that the play, by nature of its disjointed scenes, never manages to flow along.
    • Perhaps most surprising, economists, who should be the biggest fans of growth, have mainly ignored or dismissed the importance of technological change.
    • You probably can guess some of our choices, but others may seem more surprising.
    • These results are not surprising given the nature of the sample.
    • In such a situation, it is not surprising that people will resort to desperate measures.
    • So for humans to find facial symmetry as an important component in judging attractiveness is not surprising.
    • It was a rattling good adventure story that kept me gripped to the surprising end.
    • It's surprising that following the composer's death he has recorded relatively few of his works.
    • This is a surprising admission, considering how well he handled his sudden fame last season.
    • The most surprising thing about the New York court's ruling is that it is not already a well-established constitutional principle.
    • This year though, she has rather lost her way and has been the victim of a number of surprising upsets.
    • The failure to see anything decent crop up in the first few years is not terribly surprising.
    • The fact that this official sabotaged the test is terrible, yet not surprising.