Traducción de sustained en Español:


sostenido, adj.

Pronunciación /səˈsteɪnd//səˈsteɪnd/


  • 1

    (efforts) sostenido
    (efforts) continuo
    her appearance was greeted by sustained applause fue recibida con un prolongado aplauso
    • These contain a reservoir for a supply of water, plus a mechanism, usually some type of wick, for providing the plant with a sustained supply.
    • Consequently, government strategy has remained unwavering, despite sustained criticism from sectors many and varied.
    • The Lions deserve the sweet victory in light of their sustained investment in good players.
    • He says the ultimate defeat of terror extremists will require what he called a sustained, substantial commitment.
    • Or is the loss closer to $3.6 trillion, as suggested by some who forecast a sustained economic collapse?
    • Sustained pressure during the second half paid off for the home side when they doubled their lead on 82 minutes.
    • That's the first sustained rise since 2000.
    • The PM said, " this represents the biggest ever commitment by a government in the area of science and innovation over a long and sustained period of time ".
    • The organization said the most sustained change in demand is for business continuity services.
    • Under Mr. Mbeki, the nation has had the longest period of sustained economic growth in its history.
    • Nevertheless, the bank cannot ignore the difficulties that manufacturing faces for too long and, given the sustained downtrend in inflation, it should reconsider cutting rates in June.
    • So long as countries were committed to defending their exchange rate pegs, there was no possibility that they would succumb to policies of sustained inflation.
    • Hummingbirds are the most adept aerialists of all birds and the only ones capable of sustained hovering.
    • However, forthcoming successive games at Wigan (away) and West Ham (home) should tell whether Leeds are able to mount a sustained challenge.
    • Community opposition was vigorous, and sustained.
    • In the absence of any sustained, direct contact with their potential viewers, broadcasters typically put themselves and their colleagues into the role of audience.
    • Such markets will contribute to sustained economic growth and boost job creation in China.
    • Over the coming years, returns may have to be earned the hard way by identifying those companies capable of generating sustained earnings and dividend growth.
    • Oficials in charge claim a sustained inflation rate of 16 %, far ahead of anything the industry in Edinburgh recognises.
    • Not surprisingly, the fans greeted the news with an eruption of sustained applause.