Traducción de sustenance en Español:


alimento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsʌst(ə)nəns//ˈsʌstɪnəns//ˈsəstənəns/


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    alimento masculino
    sustento masculino
    these plants take their sustenance from … estas plantas se nutren / se alimentan de …
    • The perfect delivery method for food is unquestionably a sandwich - almost all sources of sustenance are improved by inclusion in such a meal.
    • Those living along the Genale River which borders Afder have turned to the palm trees for food, scraping sustenance from the dark brown seeds with their teeth.
    • They inherited a tradition of faith and fatherland which gave them strength and sustenance wherever life took them.
    • If the money's not spent on essentials like a €7 beef roll a decent investment if you need sustenance after a night drinking outdoors in Shop Street then it's gambled.
    • They steal the olives and destroy the olive trees - the village's main source of sustenance.
    • The craving for food, liquid sustenance, was so strong that when I was visualizing the food, I felt like I could reach out and grab them.
    • What a frenetic picture this conjures of a cartoon chase from aisle to car, with tottering piles of Christmas sustenance, food bought as if for a month-long siege instead of a few days off.
    • Nature, for them, is not just a source of sustenance, but an intrinsic part of their lives.
    • Although it lives in a muddy place, a swan can pick up the right food for its sustenance.
    • Further afield where camels browse, we found dried-up, and unyielding acacia trees, normally a reliable source of sustenance.
    • They were hard times but through it all Mae showed a remarkable resilient nature, aided by her deep faith from which she drew sustenance and strength.
    • I love Shakespeare and he is the source of absolute spiritual sustenance for me - yet here I couldn't hear his beautiful language and found it utterly distorted when I could.
    • Over the next four days there was nothing for it but bed rest, regular doses of paracetamol washed down with water, and the occasional banana for sustenance.
    • After all this is the thing that you use to buy the food that gives you sustenance.
    • Two hours before boarding and it's into the junk food emporium upstairs for sustenance.
    • Insects serve as pollinators for food crops, nutritious sustenance for a range of birds and mammals, and decomposers of plant and animal products.
    • As Scottish children rely on low-grade processed foods and fizzy drinks for daily sustenance, the devastating effects are beginning to show.
    • However, when the two come together in a market-driven world, it can transform itself into the best source of sustenance especially for a television channel.
    • I swear, if I find that it was emissions from my truck causing it, I will dig a hole in the backyard, climb in, and eat grubs for sustenance.
    • That's their main source of alcoholic sustenance: five bottles of Bud, Miller, Becks or Stella Artois will get them through even the most punishing night out.