Traducción de swag en Español:


botín, n.

Pronunciación /swaɡ//swæɡ/


  • 1anticuado, argot

    botín masculino
  • 2

    (fold, drape)
    guirnalda femenino
    • I suffocate in a room with lots of swags and tassels.
    • In fact, to listen to her, you would think the flesh hung from her shoulders like swags from a curtain rail.
    • The plain grey silk wall panels and simple curtains, in fabrics by Pierre Frey, convey understated luxury without being stodgy - there are no fussy swags and tassels.
    • Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen abandons the swags and tie-backs in his Cornish home, although the locals are always asking his opinion on theirs.
    • Hence the bewildering array of prime-time programmes showing inept plumbers caught on CCTV or grown men making curtain swags out of potato sacks.
    • Top treatments can run the gamut from elaborate swags to a simple piece of fabric tossed casually across a wooden drapery pole.
    • Curtains are becoming more simple and swags and tails, while the classic window dressing, now look a little incongruous and dated in a modern house.
    • Some untitled works from 1999 consist of a series of swags of satin, attached to curtain rods and installed on a wall.
    • The swags of curtain material draped around the bed add to the mood, recalling colonialists' luxurious homes in the Caribbean islands.
    • A swag is a decorative accent to fabric created by hanging a fabric in a curved pattern between two points.
    • From its white colonnades to its elaborately pleated and ruched swags of ivory canvas overhead, Brio looks great.
    • Before long, wreaths will adorn all your doors, and swags will hang from every wall.
    • Drape some fabric over a wood pole to create an informal swag.
    • The classic toile fabric used for the window swags appealed to Lynn for its Country French feel.
    • Decoratively draped over the frame is a swag of gray fabric painted with an orange dot on a light blue square accented with red.
    • The work features billowing swags of colorful cloth set against a silver and gold foil background splashed with red and brown oil paint, and thin copper tubing traversing the width of the entire field.