Traducción de swampy en Español:


pantanoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈswɒmpi//ˈswɑmpi/

adjetivoswampier, swampiest

  • 1

    • I flew off and landed in a muddy heap in the swampy infield, while the bike sagged directly to the ground.
    • This stork is quite common in shallow waters and swampy areas.
    • Like the Médoc in Bordeaux, the low-lying parts of the Maremma were swampy or marshy for much of their history with chronic problems of malaria.
    • Consisting of grassy islands, swampy stretches and mangrove-covered banks, the estuary was an incubator for aquatic life.
    • He settled on the swampy alluvial deposit of a muddy river with his minder.