Traducción de swap en Español:


cambio, n.

Pronunciación /swɒp//swɑp/


  • 1coloquial

    cambio masculino
    trueque masculino
    we can do a swap podemos cambiárnoslos
    • these are my swaps estos los tengo para cambiar
    • The study also showed that ride sharing had spread to the Internet in the form of ‘Car Pool’ message boards where the ‘Road Robbers’ set up their swaps.
    • He managed to parlay these record swaps into a thriving mail-order business in the back pages of Goldmine and Trouser Press.
    • Ever think of setting up a mailing list or something of past participants who want to be notified of new swaps?
    • The teenager told police he had no personal interest in pictures of children so young but liked images of girls around his own age and used the others as swaps.
    • Congress is unlikely to impose such a moratorium, and many public-land managers fear losing land swaps.
    • Velchev said that the transfers were mostly an attempt for publicising the benefits of the swop.
    • Over haddock and chips at Fecci's we resolved to tell the town fathers that they should do a swap with Milford Haven.
    • If you can locate seed for sale or through a swap, they're definitely worth the effort.
    • I started collecting when I was about 13, doing swaps of Army badges and medals at school.
    • That suggests that Hutton will head the primary vote for the also rans, so unless something weird happens with preference swaps, he should be on his way to Canberra.
    • This has left some competitors holding capacity and has led to the temptation to go in for swaps of network capacity at inflated values and with no customers to use it.
    • That same year, Independence Township in Michigan lost $2 million through its misuse of domestic swaps.
    • Schools can direct parents to free sources of reading materials (such as the school itself, libraries, and community organizations) and manage book swaps.
    • At his new home just up the road from Tottenham's training ground at Chigwell, Robinson keeps his collection of shirt swaps.
    • Rojek says land swaps could amalgamate under-utilized tot lots and small isolated parks, creating larger and more accessible open spaces.
    • But at lunch on the first day we were approached by the helpful Hotel Manager Henri and offered a swap to an overwater bungalow.
    • We were selling gas at $2.50 and we can now do a swap at $3 for the same gas, so that does not seem to be…
    • The keyboard player seems to have cut through an electric cable, but the rest of the band don't notice. To illustrate the song, the band all effect costume swaps, like the quick change artists of music hall.
    • There's a couple of positional swaps as skipper Andy Kay, usually a flanker, lines up at No.8, with Grant Williams slotting in at blind-side.
    • Other tactics involve deep leveraging, programme trading, swaps, arbitrage and derivatives that retail investors find difficult to master.
  • 2

    swap masculino
    permuta financiera femenino
    • Interest rate swaps, for instance, were only introduced in the early 1980s.
    • As with caps and collars, interest rate swaps can be taken out for long periods of time - usually up to ten years.
    • Apex's strategy is to purchase long-term mortgages, leverage them, fund them in a reverse repurchase agreement market, and hedge them with interest rate swaps and U.S. Treasuries.
    • The company is best known for interest rate swaps and other municipal bond derivative transactions.
    • To hedge that risk, the company can enter into an interest-rate swap to exchange its fixed rate for a floating rate.

verbo transitivoswapping, swapped

  • 1

    (ideas/possessions) intercambiar
    to swap sth for sth cambiar algo por algo
    • I'll swap (you) my stamp album for your bike te cambio el álbum de sellos por la bici
    • to swap sth with sb cambiarle algo a algn
    • John Murrell swaps his normal comic role for a more serious part this year but patrons need not fear, there will be plenty to laugh at.
    • Split them up, and you'll be able to swap with one of them.
    • But for a solid month they ran Dynamite, then after swapping a few others, brought it back for another few weeks of steady business.
    • For this meeting, everyone brings a favorite book and chooses someone to swap with.
    • But what is annoying about a site like swaparoo is that you have to have something to swap with someone who you want something from.
    • By now Laois were playing the better football and the Dublin management were forced into swapping Cleere and Downes in an effort to curtail Brennan, but it had little effect.
    • If you have a few extras in your own vomit bag collection, you can even swap with Fred to get one step closer to a complete set.
    • For now, file traders should swap with caution.
    • That evening we had a fantastic time, drinking dem pints, bantering away and swapping experiences.
    • And living in the country and being a part of a close-knit community is definitely something they wouldn't swap with their city cousins.
    • Theories about its provenance, navigational failure and hopes of survival were being swapped freely on Battersea Bridge.
    • They detected a burning passion among a new generation of music lovers to swap with friends and strangers digital files of their favorite tunes.
    • I presume that the naming of Tommy Dunne at wing-forward is a ploy and that he'll swap with Paul Kelly and come into midfield.
    • The secondary slot can always be changed with whatever the player wants to swap with or finds at the feet of a dead enemy.
    • A facelift inside the store had been carried out and most of the shelves had been swopped about.
    • But come the weekend, Mr Perie swaps his Vauxhall Corsa often associated with sensible driving for a rally car.
    • There are questions about his range and he could eventually swap with Mark Ellis.
    • The area has been swopped back and forth between Castlebar and Swinford over the past few elections.
    • One motorist travelling to Stansted Airport was forced to swap with his wife, who was his passenger, when he failed a roadside test.
    • A few of us went to the local tavern afterward to swap Al stories and remember a dedicated superintendent.

verbo intransitivoswapping, swapped

  • 1

    try to swap with a friend trata de cambiárselo (or cambiárselos etc.) a un amigo