Traducción de sway en Español:


balanceo, n.

Pronunciación /sweɪ//sweɪ/


  • 1

    balanceo masculino
    oscilación femenino
    • If I didn't know better, I'd say she was putting a little extra sway in her step when she walked past me.
    • For example, some people took larger natural steps, some walked slowly, and some had more upper body sway or arm swing than did others.
    • The breeze whipped through the room and made fire sway side to side over splintered wood as it shrieked and sweltered, then fell.
    • Reciprocating with their other hands, she guided an easy, slow sway into her hands.
    • His rhythmic sway and conservative movements reflect his roots-based origins.
    • She walked away, leaving Moni-chan temporarily fixated by the gentle sway of her hips.
    • Hakkana realized that slow dancing was easy - you just sway to the music.
    • As she walked to the entrance of the building, she added a little extra sway of her hips to her walk, knowing Damon had not taken his eyes off of her.
    • I could feel every sway of Will's hips, and every suggestive movement he made with his feet.
    • His eyes narrow as he watches the subtle sway in Guiromélans's stance.
  • 2

    (influence) influjo masculino
    (domination) dominio masculino
    under the sway of the Church bajo el influjo/el dominio de la Iglesia
    • to hold sway preponderar
    • to hold sway over sb dominar a algn
    • Tom McCabe, who has ruled himself out of the leadership contest, will also hold an influential sway.
    • Exercising substantial sway over corporate giants, it has helped overseas garment workers make unprecedented gains.
    • And, say insiders and one large customer, Cisco then offered to use its sway with these corporate buyers to get them to buy those services.
    • No man should have such power and sway over a king.
    • Today's media is awash in advice for business managers, tips on how to command underlings, sway bosses and squeeze a bottom line.
    • For some four centuries Aristotle's philosophy and Aristotle's science ruled the West with virtually unchallenged sway.
    • He was sufficiently under the sway of Niebuhr's influence to know the terrain in Niebuhr's way.
    • Most people I spoke to felt that while some figures had influence, their sway over the Muslim population had to be qualified.
    • Democratic individuals, who in any case are likely to have similar beliefs and opinions because they are similarly situated, easily fall under the hegemonic sway of public opinion.
    • By 1018, the whole of Bulgaria had fallen once more under the sway of Byzantine rule.
    • Pakistan has gained power and international sway through various political alliances, most significantly the United States.
    • It is the wars of aggression designed to expand imperial sway abroad that produce the fear that fuels his campaign.
    • The sage commander is beyond the sway and manipulation of others.
    • You would have to have a lot of power and sway and pick up a lot of momentum.
    • The campaign doesn't ask for much from the general public but instead recognises the power of politics and the sway the general public can have in influencing politicians.
    • But the reason that kind of thing happens is because of the corporate sway of these huge companies.
    • What gives him the right to hold so much sway and power over Montserrat and the lives of Montserratians?
    • Where Laertes was very influential by others and had no real control over the mental state he was developing by the sway of Claudius.
    • Antioch held Edessa and Tripoli under its sway and was ruled by Normans.
    • But despite all of the power and sway that awaits an early adopter, it's going to take a brave CEO with thick skin to enter the blogosphere.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (branch/tree) balancearse
    (building/tower) bambolearse
    (tower/building) balancearse
    (building/tower) oscilar
    the wheat was swaying in the breeze el trigo se mecía con la brisa
    • he swayed across the room cruzó la habitación tambaleándose
    • Each has a tiny bulb fixed on so loosely that when it gets hot it sways from side to side and appears to flicker.
    • The song's pounding rhythm had ceased and there was Maggie, walking away, off the dance floor, with her midi dress swaying as she moved.
    • She sat on the swing and she swayed it backwards then forwards.
    • Produced by Rajeev Menon, the commercial shoot had Rani and her team ambling and swaying in the domestic side of the airport's terminal building.
    • The Caribbean rhythms; the soca, the pan, the drum were causing bodies to gyrate and shake and move and sway and jump and sweat.
    • I heard trees swaying with the wind beyond the buildings.
    • She laughed easily and sauntered away slowly, her hips swaying seductively as she moved.
    • Afterwards, dozens of models appeared, dancing dynamically or swaying slowly, depending on the theme.
    • For instance, rather than keeping your torso rigid during barbell curls, you can sway backward and then forward as you curl the weight upward.
    • This helicopter was flying dangerously low over the tree tops, swaying and swinging, turning around and swooping over again.
    • Southend Crown Court heard how his vehicle hit a pothole which caused it to sway from side to side before tipping over and trapping his leg.
    • The lanterns were loosely hanging on strings through the cherry trees, slowly swaying in the gentle breeze.
    • The tree limbs above them swayed as the feet slowly descended, branch by branch, until they hit the ground with a barely a sound.
    • ‘When I arrived the car was still swaying on its side,’ he said.
    • Guitarist McGarvey sways backwards and forwards on his wah-wah pedal as the nine-piece band with full horn section segues seamlessly from Shaft to Bullitt.
    • When the length of the sentence was then announced, Coltman appeared visibly stunned, swaying backwards and forwards.
    • Apparently the object began to sway backwards and forwards as if it were searching for something.
    • Huge rings of happy dancers sway from side to side, each circle surrounding the one inside of it until the main square is filled to capacity.
    • Mr Baker-Smith told the inquest that he then went to a nearby shop-taking Mr Stooke with him and as they walked, he was swaying from side to side and bumping into him.
    • It wriggled slightly under her touch, swaying from side to side.
  • 2

    (public opinion) cambiar
    (public opinion) dar un viraje
    • Did he influence Clara, or did she sway him in their initial decision to keep the concerto hidden?
    • Although I've been accused of trying to sway people with my screeds and polemics, that has never been the case, at least not consciously.
    • Whatever the case, it's clear that Blair's supposed powers of persuasion have failed to sway one man: his Chancellor.
    • The thing is I don't think it will sway many people.
    • He told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Coury's arguments probably won't sway him.
    • Let's start with the way the cards look, although I'm well aware that this isn't going to be enough to sway anyone's buying decision.
    • Not that someone's religious, but that they try to use that to sway other people.
    • Otherwise, willfulness born of emotion could easily sway you off the path.
    • At the age she was then, she was easily swayed in one direction or another and Mr Jones was a cinch.
    • Let's just say I am easily swayed: I found myself, an hour later, sitting on his face, grinding my hips against his mouth.
    • The interesting thing to reflect on is the manner in which a strange alliance of forces failed to sway the Irish people.
    • Why forcefully turn kids who have no money to purchase said narcotics into junkies when he could very easily sway teenagers?
    • This story absolutely outraged me and it is stories such as these that sway people over to thinking that capital punishment should be used on some criminals.
    • How is it that you could easily sway Father when me and Brian have to literally beg for what we want?
    • Every decent and well-spoken individual affects and sways me more than is right.
    • Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn't have to let the charges sway him in his decision on Bertuzzi's reinstatement.
    • The trouble is a strong leader with persuasive oratory can easily sway simple folk who have little ability or even inclination to make up their own minds on issues.
    • The upshot of all this is that there's pretty much nothing I can say that will sway these people.
    • Consequently, if you are easily swayed, then never try to engage in polite conversation but hang up the phone immediately.
    • People were swayed by the words of the Bible as they listened to Kerr.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (crowd/person) influir en
    (crowd/person) influenciar
    it seems unlikely to sway voters no parece probable que influya en el electorado
    • don't allow yourself to be swayed no te dejes convencer
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    (hips) menear
    (hips) bambolear