Traducción de swear word en Español:

swear word

palabrota, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈswɛr ˌwərd/


  • 1

    palabrota femenino
    mala palabra femenino
    taco masculino España
    garabato masculino Chile
    • The bus driver shouted out loudly and nearly said a swear word before covering it up with another nicer word.
    • They are expected to perform tracks from the album such as, well, we would like to name them but unfortunately they all seem to have swear words in the title!
    • A child from a Christian home can be put in an embarrassing situation if asked to read aloud a passage including swear words and blasphemy.
    • It's a shame really that Korean doesn't have a lot of swear words.
    • There's only us and a few other people eating lunch in this big bar and I fear for their appetite as he spouts swear words, smoke and grisly tales of true crime.
    • It has recently come to my attention via the readers' opinion pages of this fine magazine that some folks don't find swear words funny.
    • Carlyle was forthright, to say the least, in questioning Cosgrove's view, using the same swear word at an impressive rate of one time every 15 words.
    • Why is it that they think the vowel sound in a swear word is the most offensive?
    • These words or phrases have become swear words in certain mouths.
    • I do not think that anybody could really recall with such detail word for word on an alleged exchange of swear words.
    • The boys are at a stage where they probably know most of the swear words available to speakers of English, and seem to know not to repeat them inappropriately.
    • I talk to myself, and most of those words are swear words.
    • She said she knows the word is a swear word, but ‘It is all in the context of what - of how it is used and when it is used.’
    • Since these words are rooted in clear-cut concepts, they carry less variable meaning than sentences without swear words.
    • English and Russian swear words flew in the air like sparrows.
    • Unlike similar black lists previously discovered, there seems to be no problem with swear words and words relating to sex.
    • In sensitive company it is accepted practice to substitute another word for the swear word which has caused the censors to issue the 18 certificate.
    • It was an advert for a device that replaces swear words as spoken on television with cleaner, Godlier words.