Traducción de Swedish en Español:


sueco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈswiːdɪʃ//ˈswidɪʃ/


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    sueco masculino
    • Being fluent in Swedish may not always help on a CV here in the Lakes, but for Jo it's proved invaluable.
    • I might have an easier time finding reading it in Finnish or Swedish, but we'll see.
    • Most citizens speak Swedish as their first language and English as their second.
    • Along the way, Swedish, Spanish, and French forces had been drawn into a general bloody m lee.
    • The announcer came on and said something in Swedish, then translated it into English.
    • You can contact the owner Lars Therkildsen in English, Danish, Swedish and German.
    • It is no coincidence that Levet also speaks English, German, Italian, Swedish and Spanish.
    • From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish.
    • I should point out that from the info on the CD cover the language spoken is Swedish.
    • The child may have already had some teaching in Swedish as a second language.
    • They don't load very quickly, and they probably aren't much use if you don't speak Swedish.
    • They were even speaking Swedish in my dream even though I can't speak Swedish.
    • In Finland the land-owning and commercial classes were Swedish in language and origin.
    • We've always talked a kind of mixed Swenglish in the family with my mum but talked Swedish to our dad.
    • As there are three extra letters in Swedish, Ö is the official last word of the alphabet.
    • An announcement came over the speakers in Swedish and everyone turned and ran out of the hall.
    • Simply not true, he says, having made the effort to master Swedish fluently during his two stints there.
    • The Ganda worm spread via email in either English or Swedish using a variety of email subject lines and message bodies.
    • For instance hee hee hee in English is ji ji ji in Spanish; the Swedish for a car's toot is tut.
    • The only reason they're doing it is because the original was in subtitled in Swedish.
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    the Swedish los suecos