Traducción de sweepings en Español:


basura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈswiːpɪŋz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    basura femenino
    the sweepings of society la escoria de la sociedad
    • And he walked right through my sweepings. ‘Look at this stuff,’ he said, kicking it away.’
    • I realize there may be a number of urban gardeners who, for a small fee, would be more than happy to set me up with some sweepings from their grow-op.
    • It's like the sweepings of the monumental studio, the stuff they didn't want to put in the official state monument.
    • I became aware of a rush broom in a far corner and, hung along the wall, bags of sweepings.
    • All the stray pellets - which mariners call sweepings or spillage - had to be cleaned out and dumped.
    • The sweepings are from a previous search in February 2003 which has already been dealt with by the court.
    • Coffee is regularly contaminated with unappetising detritus ranging from floor sweepings and twigs to poisonous, mouldy coffee beans.
    • As for the word itself, not only has smeddum ceased to be the sweepings off the mill floor, it is now one of the most valued qualities of the Scots character.
    • Grading land with yard rubbish, sweepings, and other refuse also planted weeds and seeds on vacant land.
    • Carbohydrate sources of commercial pet food may consist of grain factory waste (i.e., dust, floor sweepings and husks.)
    • Pressed peanut sweepings may a vital ingredient of one of Homer Simpson's favorite snacks, but that doesn't hold true for most of us.
    • They mix the sweepings in with the grain to make additional profit.
    • Partly because he did lots of sweeping but I hadn't ever seen him with a trolley or bag to put the sweepings into and partly because of his manner of sweeping.
    • The vegetable garden at Drummuir near Huntly is maintained along organic lines and sweepings from the local hairdressers have been used for several years as an effective pest deterrent.
    • Please note that road or yard sweepings are not to be placed in the skip.
    • This tall, narrow 13-by - 4-foot drawing scrolls from ceiling to floor, where it curls slightly, and is held in place by a slurry of grimy studio sweepings.
    • They even examined floor sweepings from tombs and living areas.
    • Sadly, if it continues, that is what is threatening to become of the great Liberal Party tradition: a cold-hearted butcher to the withering slab of the Australian body, and the public get sausages for policy from the sweepings off the floor.
    • The company subsequently claimed it had permitted the council to deposit road sweepings and soil in the Blessington quarry.
    • I'm sure floor sweepings swept out doors and vacuum cleaner dust spilt outside also have these threads in them and tangle in wagtails' feet.