Traducción de sweeten en Español:


endulzar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈswiːt(ə)n//ˈswitn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(add sugar to)

      (drink/dish/taste) endulzar
      (drink/dish/taste) azucarar
      (taste/drink/dish) (artificially) edulcorar
      • Clearly the big consumers of sugar are looking for lower cost alternatives to sugar for sweetening agents.
      • Soak (don't boil) them in water for at least half an hour and sweeten to taste (ideally with honey).
      • Add 1 cup whipping cream, whipped and sweetened to taste
      • No social gathering is complete without drinking a ti-punch (straight rum with a twist of lemon sweetened with cane sugar) or a planteur (fruit juice and rum).
      • After all, lactose is from the same general family as sucrose, the table sugar we use to sweeten coffee and tea.
      • Stabilise wine with Potassium Sorbate at the final racking, sweeten to taste, then bottle.
      • Stonyfield Farm's recently introduced Light Yogurt Smoothie is fatfree and naturally sweetened with less sugar and calories than traditional smoothies.
      • A thick, soy-based sauce used in Indonesian cooking, sweetened with palm sugar and often seasoned with garlic.
      • Soda, fruit juice, sweets, protein shakes sweetened with sugar and other forms of sugary foods should be reduced so you can include white bread in your diet without adding unwanted bodyfat.
      • Fat and sweetening agents were eventually introduced to the mix, which may have compromised the dough's shelf life but certainly enhanced its gustatory appeal.
      • Once the juice has cooled, remove the flavourings and sweeten to taste.
      • Condiments, sweetening agents and spices may be added according to individual preferences.
      • Thirty minutes later, Wiley and Dexter were eating oatmeal straight out of the pan sweetened with a little sugar and washing it down with a glass of reconstituted powdered milk.
      • Prior to that time honey was the only sweetening agent available to them.
      • When people want to sweeten something bitter, they add something sweet.
      • It is recommended that molasses or honey be used as sweetening agents in lieu of sugar.
      • Today I had strawberries on bread, with sugar on top to sweeten the taste.
      • Sugar, redcurrant jelly, and sometimes chocolate are now used as sweetening agents in agrodolce sauces for meat.
      • Global majors such as Coca Cola and Beatrice Foods are said to use Stevia extracts as sweetening agents in foods sold across Japan, Brazil and other countries.
      • The mixture is greenish white in color and when sweetened to taste is relished by nearly every one.

    • 1.2(freshen)

      (air/breath) refrescar

  • 2

    • 2.1(with extra money, benefits)

      (sale/deal/offer) hacer más atractivo
      (sale/deal/offer) hacer más apetecible
      • Catholics dominate the lower levels of the party, so to get on a young, aspiring politician has to sweeten these people.
      • But surely, occasionally, it is tempting for a Suez operative to sweeten some local politician in parts of the world where such payments are de rigueur?
      • The Times's John Diamond, who died last year, sweetened his personal account of carcinoma of the tongue with gentle humour.
      • The former is an agreeable and clever portrait that domesticates and sweetens its subject's subversiveness.
      • The pair, who will dodge mine fields in Senegal and sweeten border officials with a supply of football T-shirts, will travel across France and Spain before catching the boat to Morocco and heading south to Banjul.
      • Maybe used to sweeten the teacher up if you've misbehaved?
      • Labour accused Environment Minister Martin Cullen of being like Santa Claus for trying to sweeten voters when he announces the €19.5 million urban renewal and Border grant package today.
      • His employers at Guthy-Renker were making it even tougher by sweetening his package to persuade him to stay.
      • I forgive him because he has enough style to try and sweeten me with champagne.
      • In other words, people sometimes sweeten their stories, particularly if there is a financial incentive.

    • 2.2(make nicer)

      marriage seems to have sweetened him parece que el matrimonio le ha endulzado el carácter / le ha limado las aristas
      • the offer seemed to sweeten his temper la oferta pareció ponerlo de mejor humor

    • 2.3(make more pleasant)

      their defeat was sweetened by the news that … se les endulzó la derrota con la noticia de que …

    • 2.4informal (soften the attitude of)

      I cooked him a meal to sweeten him (up) a bit le preparé una cena para ablandarlo un poco

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (nature/temper) endulzarse
    (nature/temper) dulcificarse