Traducción de sweetheart en Español:


novio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈswitˌhɑrt//ˈswiːthɑːt/


  • 1

    (lover, darling)
    novio masculino
    novia femenino
    enamorado masculino
    enamorada femenino
    she married her childhood sweetheart se casó con el amor de su niñez
    • He's the one who coached us and he came over to me, sweetheart, I think you could have played professional.
    • He has more God-given talent than most baseball players can dream of and the love of his childhood sweetheart waiting for him back home.
    • One thing Sewall knew for certain as a youngster, however, was his love for his childhood sweetheart, Eleanor, whom he met in 1921 in the 8th grade.
    • Nishi is an awkward, insecure manga artist who has never been able to properly confess his love for his childhood sweetheart Myon.
    • Welshmen traditionally carved love spoons which their sweethearts wore round their necks on a ribbon.
    • You know, my dear sweetheart, I am denied everything from love to smoking.
    • He's also had a few changes over the years as well, getting married with a childhood sweetheart and then divorcing a few years later, travelling around Asia, etc etc.
    • ‘Keep your eyes on the road, sweetheart,’ I said falsely sweet.
    • ‘You're going to be pretty busy, sweetheart,’ Dad said, looking doubtful.
    • But he is still, of course, hopelessly in love with his childhood sweetheart Pandora Braithwaite, who has become a prominent MP with a nose for a photo opportunity.
    • He went through a typical what we call male menopause, and he's not going to come back, sweetheart.
    • It is my life, my business, my religion, my hobby, my sweetheart, my wife, my mistress, my bread and meat.
    • Believe me, my dear sweetheart, you are very great - you provoked me and I decided to write you.
    • In 1961, Gabriel Garca Mrquez left his native Colombia and, along with his childhood sweetheart, Mercedes, went to live in Mexico City, where his son was born.
    • Jones, who is married to his childhood sweetheart Tanya, was a relative late-starter in professional football when his career kicked off in 1986.
    • Reaching the train station, Tash boarded her train. ‘I'll see you tomorrow, sweetheart!’
    • ‘It was a very brave thing you did today, sweetheart,’ she smiled.
    • And only one couple in ten thousand were childhood sweethearts and are actually in love, no matter what the storybooks say.
    • Katona decided to end her relationship with Cunningham, her childhood sweetheart, following allegations that he had cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend.
    • This is the problem with parents who start out telling their kids, ‘You can be anything your pretty little heart desires, sweetheart.’
    • Childhood sweethearts Tony Baynham and Kathy Hammond have rekindled their love after 20 years thanks to a chance meeting in cyberspace.
    • In this extraordinary letter, the soldier pours out his love for his sweetheart who has borne his child, a child that the woman's husband may suspect not to be his own.
    • He shook her slightly, ‘Wake up, you're dreaming, sweetheart, it's just a dream!’
    • ‘They'll be following once they realize what's happened, but we'll outrun them, sweetheart,’ he said confidently.
    • But then men with deep pockets have known to use gold as a show of love to their sweethearts.
    • Cameras follow childhood sweethearts Amy and Nobby Newell as they visit the cemetery and mourn the loss of comrades and family.
    • I hated it when people called you darling, sweetheart, honey, sweetie.
    • Michel is loved by his childhood sweetheart, the perfect and beautiful Annabelle, whom he can barely love in return, try though he might.
    • He was already pacing down the latter half of the hallway when he bellowed back, ‘Yes, and whatever you want, sweetheart, is yours.’
    • Naz, who underwent an arranged marriage in Pakistan at the age of 15 and had two children, had returned to Britain and become pregnant by her childhood sweetheart.
    • I'd come to visit a childhood sweetheart, we were still in love after all those years but she was now married.
    • The greatest gift for any father is having you, my sweetheart, as a daughter.
    • This time, with the support of my boss, my sweetheart, my family and friends, and some reserve of strength I found in myself, I've finally turned a corner.
    • ‘I'm sorry, sweetheart,’ he said, coming over to give her a hug.
    • In 1937 Lily married Herbert her childhood sweetheart and they lived for 65 years in King's Chase, Brentwood, where they raised two daughters.
    • It was only his love for a childhood sweetheart whom he later married that kept any spark of decency alive in him.
    • ‘Rise and shine, sweetheart,’ I opened my eyes, feeling groggy and tired.
    • I know one thing, sweetheart, we'll always have three staples: Smitty's seafood gumbo, red beans and rice and fried chicken.
    • I think we've already hit rock bottom, sweetheart.
    • A Very Long Engagement tells the story of Mathilde, a young woman from a small farming community in France who falls in love with her childhood sweetheart.
  • 2coloquial

    (mi) amor
    mi vida
    • Vizard's reputation was damaged because he committed a crime, concealed it, then arranged a sweetheart deal to avoid criminal sanctions.
    • After all, who has time to cover the world when you've cut a sweetheart deal with the victim's sister?
    • There has also been talk about buying back this network as a sweetheart deal with Toll Holdings.
    • Last spring, in a bravura display of clout, the industry succeeded in ramming a sweetheart deal through the Florida legislature that gives Big Sugar more time to clean up its act.
    • This is not a group of people who are looking for special favors (such as sweetheart land deals) from the government.
    • If a sweetheart deal is obviously unethical and not in the interests of shareholders, legal action can be taken.
    • Political watchdog groups have described it as a sweetheart arrangement for corporations close to the Bush administration.
    • No more featherbedding, no more sweetheart agreements!
    • He took $6 million through a really questionable sweetheart backroom deal with the Bush administration.
    • Sports owners have tremendous leverage because they have sweetheart stadium and arena deals that give them more flexibility in paying star players, and they can freely pass on ticket fees.
    • He will get up in Parliament within the next 3 years and demand better roads between Napier and Hastings, and demand a sweetheart deal on an airport.
    • Yet another way is for top management to covertly divert company resources to friends and family and self through sweetheart deals.
    • We will ballot our members in any factory where they have got a sweetheart deal.
    • Personally, I can't imagine what kind of sweetheart deal Intel thought they were getting to sign up for a one-sided contract like this.
    • Arguably, the only reason the Valentia consortium won was due to a sweetheart deal with the trade unions.
    • This sweetheart deal has been used to try to avoid confrontation.
    • Don't forget they signed a sweetheart deal with Lexmark to hustle printers, too.
    • I bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using taxpayer money.
    • Laing has signed a sweetheart deal with the Ucatt union under which workers will be brought onto a contract (rather than be considered self employed) - but at a loss of pay.