Traducción de swell en Español:


hincharse, v.

Pronunciación /swɛl//swɛl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(grow in size)

      (face/ankles/wood) hincharse
      (stream/river) crecer
      (stream/river) subir
      her face began to swell se le empezó a hinchar la cara
      • his knee had swollen (up) to twice its size la rodilla se le había hinchado al doble de su tamaño normal
      • their bellies were swollen with hunger tenían los vientres hinchados por el hambre
      • the sails swelled (out) in the wind las velas se hinchaban al viento
      • During most of the 18th century the forced enlistment of vagrants was also used to swell the ranks of the army.
      • Like the Irish, Scots disproportionately volunteered to swell the ranks of the British army, but there were important differences.
      • Some experience ankle or leg swelling because the excessive fluid from the blood cells accumulates there.
      • First he went down with malaria, but later on due to lack of food his legs started swelling up.
      • He has kwashiorkor, which has left his limbs bloated and his belly swollen.
      • If they aggressively cuts jobs, that would swell the ranks of the retirees with those fantastic benefits.
      • As more and more policemen and women swell the ranks of the Metro police, we have seen a steady improvement in law and by-law enforcement within the City.
      • Recent events have swelled both their ranks and the volume with which they proclaim their beliefs.
      • Worse, it can cause call-center volumes to swell with callers looking not for products or services, but for technical support.
      • Some 35,000 additional soldiers would swell the army's ranks.
      • They said this anti-inflammatory, called adiponectin, prevents arteries swelling up and becoming blocked.
      • Alienation among unemployed youths will swell the ranks of those vulnerable to terrorist recruitment.
      • On returning home to write up my research, I fell victim to a throat infection which caused one of the glands in my throat to swell to massive size.
      • Every match requires an army of helpers to get the game on - and the Knights are looking for new volunteers to swell the ranks.
      • The cash raised has swelled the amount to almost £39,000 realised over the nine years the competition has been played.
      • As my body swelled, I thought I would die, but death did not come, so I continued to hunt and gather food.
      • Least of these is the assertion that, in using such aggressive tactics against the civil rights movement, the British government swelled the ranks of the IRA.
      • So much was going on that his eyes flashed images and his body swelled with sweat, and he didn't care about what it was, but just about when he would see it.
      • The bill will climb even faster as seniors' ranks swell with aging baby boomers.
      • The ranks of female players swelled by a similar amount to 132, up from 116 earlier in the decade.
      • She was suffering from frequent headaches, her eye was watering and swelling up.
      • They'll swell with moisture and send out roots faster in the soil than ones planted dry.
      • In children, the abdomen can become swollen and bloated and medical attention should be sought urgently.
      • I'm tired of my legs swelling up after a day sitting behind the desk, and I'm tired of clothes feeling too tight.
      • Hundreds of thousands of refugees have swelled Monrovia's population to well over a million, scrabbling where they can for shelter and running short of food, water and medical supplies.
      • Your back aches to high heaven, your smell has turned a different kind of sour, you are hungry and the welts on your body are swelling as your pores open up again.
      • Police in East Yorkshire are looking to swell their crime fighting ranks as they take part in a national drive to recruit special constables this weekend.
      • The only thing I managed to get out of the whole experience was a painful foot which is presently swelling up quite nicely, and a bruise on my bottom.
      • Singapore's population was swollen by refugees, and two-fifths of the city's water had come in pipes from the mainland.
      • The liver, spleen and lymph glands can swell with leukemia cells.
      • Histamine is one of the body's signals that causes rashes, swelling, leakage of fluid from cells, and itching.
      • With very few exceptions, however, Cabernet Sauvignon was left to command California's highest wine prices, Merlot to swell sales volumes.
      • American exchanges have cheered the proposal, which will swell their ranks and pocketbooks.
      • The village, its population swollen by refugees, had been thought safe by many local people.
      • These bring an influx of travelling cod in to swell the ranks of any resident cod, plus the big fast tides will displace more food for the cod to eat and stir up some coloured water which cod feed best in.
      • Rash, itching, body swelling, breathing difficulties, possible localised red itchy mouth and throat, and even collapse.
      • The lentils will swell with cooking so maybe add some more water if its looking a little dry.
      • The symptoms vary and have included airways swelling up and attacks to both his liver and immune systems.
      • Doctors say Hindley, 57, is suffering from a cerebral aneurysm caused by an artery swelling up at the base of the brain.
      • But trainer Todd Hutcheson says that may not be sufficient to prevent the knee from swelling up again when Gwynn resumes baseball activity.

    • 1.2(with emotion)

      swollen with pride henchido de orgullo
      • she was swelling with rage estaba que estallaba de rabia

  • 2

    (population/crowd) crecer
    (population/crowd) aumentar
    order books are beginning to swell again los pedidos están aumentando otra vez
    • the applause swelled to a crescendo los aplausos se fueron haciendo cada vez más fuertes

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (increase in size)
    (joint/body/features) hinchar
    (sails) hinchar
    (river) hacer crecer
    (river) hacer subir
  • 2

    (increase in number, volume)
    (funds/total/population) aumentar
    to swell the ranks of the unemployed engrosar las filas del desempleo


  • 1

    (of sea)
    oleaje masculino
    a heavy swell una marejada
  • 2

    (surge, movement)
    oleada femenino
    a swell of indignation/interest una oleada de indignación/interés
  • 3

    (protuberance, curve)
    the low swell of the Welsh hills la suave ondulación de las colinas galesas
    • the firm swell of her breasts/belly la turgencia de sus senos/su vientre
  • 4

    (symbol) regulador masculino
    (device on organ) regulador del registro de sonido masculino
  • 5coloquial, anticuado

    (well-dressed person)
    dandy masculino



  • 1EEUU

    (fine, excellent)
    fenomenal coloquial
    bárbaro coloquial
    sensacional coloquial
    as interjection so you can come? swell! ¿así que puedes venir? ¡bárbaro / fantástico! coloquial
  • 2anticuado

    elegantón coloquial