Traducción de swimming bath en Español:

swimming bath

piscina cubierta, n.


also swimming baths

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    piscina cubierta femenino
    alberca techada femenino México
    pileta cubierta femenino Río de la Plata
    • We have also seen closures of public swimming baths and other playing fields have gone the same way.
    • Almost everything councils do will be affected, from changing the coin slots at swimming baths to processing benefits.
    • He was also interested in seeing new swimming baths, the development of open spaces and playing fields and many other things for the benefit of the city.
    • Local shops, cafes, and even the swimming baths will lose the lunchtime trade that the town hall workers currently provide if the move is successful.
    • This means it is highly unlikely that any work will start on the 98-year-old former public swimming baths until 2006.
    • I can't remember my first date, I think it was probably at a swimming baths when I was about six (laughs).
    • Agreed, the swimming baths need to be updated but how nice it would be for money to go to something worthwhile which will benefit the local community.
    • I recently filled in the council's consultation document about leisure facilities at the city's swimming baths.
    • But at the recent consultation meeting, disabled people told of difficulties they had with public swimming baths.
    • I'd have to swim 5000 metres, about 200 lengths of most swimming baths.
    • We had the plainest of food, our only recreation was playing out in the street, the park, going to the local library and the swimming baths.
    • Over 50 local people gathered for a rally and public meeting last Saturday to defend their local swimming baths from closure.
    • A father of two has vowed never to use his local swimming baths again after his clothes and car keys were stolen from a locker.
    • The statistics also showed the number of visits to swimming baths and sports centres had fallen by 40 per cent.
    • The neglect of our swimming baths in particular is tragic.
    • The case concerned the free admission to public swimming baths of people of retirement age.
    • Another says all swimmers should mind their language at the public swimming baths and refrain from ‘polluting’ the water.
    • The alleged abductor stole or bought two swimming costumes before they met with two other women at a public swimming baths.
    • Supporters of the 97-year-old swimming baths were delighted with the turnout at the open day.
    • ‘We have just opened a new nursery and have quite a number of young children who don't get the opportunity to go to the swimming baths,’ he said.