Traducción de swimwear en Español:


trajes de baño, n.

Pronunciación /ˈswɪmwɛː//ˈswɪmˌwɛr/


  • 1

    trajes de baño masculino
    bañadores masculino España
    mallas (de baño) femenino Río de la Plata
    vestidos de baño masculino Colombia
    • A lot of women want to find cheap plus size swimwear because they are buying it for a holiday and probably won't wear it that often when they return home.
    • Potential applications include fabrics for dresses and blouses as well as swimwear and aerobic wear because the fiber dyes well with spandex.
    • Although women usually get all the attention during summer, now men can also make a few heads turn with the right swimwear.
    • Other women on the beach were wearing traditional swimwear, which included skirts, long-sleeved blouses and stockings.
    • Avoid wearing shiny or sparkling swimwear as this makes you look like fish-like and may provoke a shark attack or big fish attack.
    • She eventually managed to find a shop which sold swimwear, and chose a black two-piece which she could not imagine herself wearing.
    • The firm, set up in 1957, manufactures lingerie, swimwear and nightwear for high street stores and designer labels.
    • The two brands provide a series of swimwear, gym wear, underwear and accessories which are young, sporty and sexy.
    • Well it's coming up to summer again which means that the layers of clothing are reduced and on many occasions little but swimwear will be called for.
    • Entirely sensibly, I came to the conclusion that I don't look good in swimwear and a sash, and my head's too big for a tiara.
    • Remember, our selling collections, which incorporate knitwear, bags and swimwear, are huge.
    • You would be advised to wear comfortable shoes, swimwear and other gear and, of course, take sunglasses and a hat!
    • Even in swimwear they dress formal, I laughed to myself.
    • To a lesser extent, the line includes swimwear, bats and bags (from handbags to make-up bags).
    • The company supplies quality underwear and swimwear in a large range of sizes and styles.
    • The right compartment had all her casual clothes, her blouse, jeans, pants, dresses and even swimwear were.
    • Everybody else put on their clothes over their swimwear, and gathered up their things, then they started to head out of the sports center.
    • Once she arrives she will be given a glamorous wardrobe packed with designer gowns, swimwear and suits.
    • The collections featured included resort wear, brights, casual wear, executive, formal clothes and swimwear.
    • You can match your swimwear with your skirts for new looks as you go from the beach to the bar for a drink.