Traducción de swindle en Español:


estafa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈswɪndl//ˈswɪnd(ə)l/


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    estafa femenino
    timo masculino coloquial
    • I want this advertising stopped as a swindle.
    • Were they just perpetrating swindles for their salaries?
    • They are accomplices of the dealer - a part of the swindle.
    • Online crimes can include multimillion-dollar swindles, online auction scams, and piracy of software and other copyrighted material.
    • Q. Have you ever been on the wrong end of a swindle or scam?
    • To protect yourself against any of these possible swindles you need to be prudent in your investment decisions.
    • It doesn't matter if the state abetted the swindle by finding the swindler innocent in a fixed trial.
    • It was also part of a stock swindle involving hundreds of millions of dollars on the Montreal Stock Exchange.
    • He will get fatter and nervier, simply because our system turns a blind eye to such a swindle.
    • The fact that people have been scammed for ‘hundreds of years’ doesn't justify your continuing the swindle!
    • When high street banks offer 0.1% annual interest, how can anyone offer nearly 500 times as much without straying into frauds or swindles?
    • It's a total scam, swindle, and fake, but no one in our consumer agencies has any intention of doing anything about it.
    • Of course we all want to be able to detect the lie, the cheat, the swindle, the manipulation.
    • But the federal and state agencies have ZERO interest in the swindle that's being perpetrated.
    • These people are clearly criminals and have perpetrated a massive swindle against thousands of Americans, and become fantastically rich as a result.
    • One company is being investigated in connection with an alleged swindle involving close to €30 million.
    • The inability of the regulators to prevent scams and swindles has also brought the private pension industry into disrepute.
    • A fraudster jailed after making a fortune from masterminding a timeshare swindle could be forced to pay £80 million to his victims.
    • It is a sales gimmick, a cheat, a swindle, a scam.
    • Indeed, both men led famous swindles on the citizens they governed.

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    I've been swindled me han estafado / timado
    • to swindle sb out of sth
    • they swindled her out of her savings la estafaron y le quitaron sus ahorros
    • to swindle sth out of sb quitarle algo a algn
    • A serial conman who swindled victims out of more than £1million told a judge that he blew £64,000 on exotic foreign holidays.
    • The Government has pledged to crack down on unscrupulous doorstep salesmen who swindle vulnerable pensioners out of thousands of pounds.
    • She swindled eight people out of $111,000 in cash and jewelry before she was stopped.
    • Then we hear about widespread accounting malpractices, even in giant corporations, and start to wonder if this is not a huge conspiracy to swindle us out of our money.
    • Sometimes, the employers will even attempt to swindle their potential employees.
    • I don't condone cheats and con artists who swindle innocent victims out of their hard-earned cash.
    • If that does not happen, unscrupulous traders will rush into villages and swindle desperate peasant farmers of their hard-earned crop.
    • The group is suspected of having swindled each customer out of about 50,000 yen in such fees.
    • I felt sorry for those poor desperate people being swindled in such a way.
    • For example, if I find a way of legally swindling you out of a lot of money, I cannot claim that my action is morally acceptable just because it is legal.
    • It's estimated that patients were swindled out of some $12,750,000 from August / 96 to February / 03.
    • I admit I live by my wits a lot, but I don't use them to swindle people.
    • The so-called ‘phishing’ scams have developed as a popular technique for fraudsters to swindle people out of everything from PayPal accounts to ATM codes.
    • In fact, he has swindled his own family by managing to become the sole inheritor of their grandparents' estate.
    • I bought this system from you believing you to be a reputable firm and I can plainly see you've swindled me out of my money
    • It quickly becomes evident this blind man is far from helpless, as he proceeds to swindle the gangsters out of all their money.
    • Most victims were swindled into paying €3,000 or more.
    • He failed not simply because he was swindled, but also because he was stupid.
    • While these men were not above occasionally swindling other working-class people, for the most part their actions were directed at the region's elites.
    • In 1989 he pleaded guilty to 55 counts of fraud, allegedly swindling elderly victims in Virginia and Tennessee out of around $1.25 million.