Traducción de swing door en Español:

swing door


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    • Scowling, Sydney reached forward, spun her combination lock free and jerked the small swinging door sharply open.
    • She knows from experience that momentum alone will not carry her through the swing door and begins to collect her energies for the determined shove whilst trotting up the steps.
    • Dustin cautiously approached the swing door that lead to the girls' bathroom.
    • Frantic footsteps pounded down the stairs and the swinging door flew open revealing a harassed-looking teenager with messy brown hair and sharp blue eyes.
    • He pushed at a swing door, and the noise boomed out, he walked through.
    • I quietly walked up the concrete steps and pushed open the large wooden swing door.
    • But when she pushes the swinging door open, she's aghast to find her father sitting at the table, eating some taco chips and reading the newspaper.
    • He had just started reading the extensive list of available coffee variations posted against the wall when the swinging door opened and a young man entered.
    • Laughing, Adam pushed open the swinging doors of the saloon and followed Ben into the building.
    • An officer opened the swinging doors and let her inside the circular court floor.
    • Mac pushed the large swinging doors open and led the way into the main kitchen.
    • The are seven cubicles in the changing rooms which are sealed by wooden swinging doors and the doors are visible from the central foyer.
    • The swinging doors opened and my mom appeared, exhausted.
    • One day he spilled some whisky going through a swing door and came back for a refill.
    • Quickly, I crashed through a swing door on my left.
    • The head doctor opened the swinging doors and came into the hallway.
    • On my way out of the polling station, I nipped ahead of a flustered looking woman with a double-wide pushchair in order to hold the swinging door open for her.
    • He opened a swinging door into a cluttered backroom.
    • She leaned her back against the swing door and pushed it open with her butt.
    • ‘This is the kitchen,’ I said holding open a swinging door for her.