Traducción de swish en Español:


silbido, n.

Pronunciación /swɪʃ//swɪʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of cane, lasso)

      silbido masculino
      • A girl would fall back, exhausted from sprinting, and I would meander my way to the front, making sure my pony tail did a swish to show that yes, I am doing better than you.
      • With a swish of her tail, she made her way towards the center of the ring.
      • The wind picked up, the gentle swish quickly turning into a fierce gust.
      • He turned and with a swish of his cloak he was gone.
      • After warning other animals with several swishes of the tail, the giraffe boldly strides out of harm's way.
      • She'd hang around them briefly to make sure they were staying put, then would return to the house with a pleased smile and a satisfied swish of her tail.
      • The figure took a few steps in one direction, paused, and turned with a swish of wavy brown hair, walking back the other way.
      • With an elaborate swish of his cape he turned and made for the door.

    • 1.2(of water)

      rumor masculino
      susurro masculino
      • The room had suddenly become deathly silent except for the sound of the band and the swish of skirts across the floor.
      • He winced as the rustle of his shirt caused a conspicuous swish to echo.
      • The swish of skates on the ice accentuated the daring dances, and then in more delicate moments the glistening spray shooting out from their feet looked like fairy dust.
      • I nodded, smiled, and a minute later heard the swish of a blade.
      • The door opened with a quiet swish and Calida heard footsteps near the bed.
      • The only immediate sound was the gentle swish of my gown as I turned fiercely, looking down the hall and then the opposite side.
      • He heard a soft swish of skirts before silence closed over the grounds again.
      • For a full minute, the only sound was the swish of the mop against the tiled floor.
      • I heard the soft swish of a steel blade leaving a leather lined sheath.
      • He was accustomed to hearing the swish of skirts accompanying a young female voice.
      • Everyone has had the experience and knows how annoying it is hearing the swish of a club behind him just as he is in the midst of his swing.
      • They heard the swish of her usual elaborate dress as she headed towards the door.
      • I heard a soft swish of his robe, and he turned away.
      • Waiting until she'd heard the swish of the lift's doors closing, Jack turned and regarded an amused Julian.
      • I heard the swish of a heavy cloak, and for some reason, knew who it was.
      • She heard a swish of wings and a creature landed on the edge of the cement roof.
      • She went to the door, the elegant swish of her skirts the only sound in the room aside from the unnoticeable crackle of the fireplace in the wall.
      • She heard the soft swish of flowing robes, and sensed a maternal, loving presence.
      • He could hear the gentle swish of waves and some creature chirping nearby.
      • She could hear the slap of Laura's flip-flops and the swish of her jeans grow steadily louder.

    • 1.3(of skirt)

      frufrú masculino
      the swish of the curtains el ruido de las cortinas al correrlas

  • 2EEUU malsonante despectivo, argot

    loca femenino coloquial despectivo
    • The NBA's All-Star Weekend was a lovely experience, full of dunks and swishes.
    • Three shots, three swishes; these somehow lifted the sense of occasion.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (whip/cane) (produciendo un silbido) agitar en el aire
    the horse was swishing its tail el caballo sacudía la cola
    • he swished the curtains back corrió las cortinas
    • she swished the water around the bowl agitó el agua en el bol
    • After filling the cauldron up about halfway, he looked in, swishing the water about, then picking out a few pieces of debris that floated into it.
    • He ran around the house flapping his wings, swishing his tail, going RAWWK!
    • The roses bloomed, swallows skimmed low and the breeze swished the treetops.
    • Toss in the pumpkin cubes and swish them around for a few minutes to sear them.
    • Percy was wearing a crisp new set of whites and swishing his racket experimentally at tiny insects.
    • Once again, the cat hissed, swishing his tail until he was out of sight.
    • She swished the coke around before taking a sip.
    • This struck me as unusual because on previous visits the drain has always been sucked out before any water was swished down it.
    • Riley cupped his hands and took a mouthful of water from one of the buckets; swishing it around and spitting it back out.
    • One easy way to get rid of the sand and mud is to add a little salt to a bowl of cold water, swish the leaves around and transfer it to a colander.
    • He wore his cloak and swished it behind him most becomingly.
    • I took a long sip of coffee, swishing the warm liquid around my mouth, the taste of coffee beans lingering on my taste buds.
    • The young woman sat quietly in the shadowed corner, one hand swishing the water around in her mug, the other buried in the silky fur of the dog at her feet.
    • She swishes her glass of wine around before downing the rest of it.
    • He appeared to be practising moves, waving what I believed to be a sword around his head and swishing it in an arc around his body.
    • She gave us slates to write on, made us chant some Empire geography facts, ordered us to sit up straight and swished her cane around with aplomb.
    • She swished her skirts around her as she stalked around the dressing room, her head held high in the air.
    • They display their techniques by swishing their swords around in synchronisation.
    • It's like taking a mouthful of good wine, swishing it around in your mouth, savoring it before you let it go down.
    • The cows swished their tails at the afternoon sun, the red barns stood still and solid, seemingly untouched by summers and winters gone by.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (cane) producir un silbido
    (water) borbotear
    (skirts) hacer frufrú
    • Her long flowing violet dress swished around her as she moved towards the front door.
    • I started to blindly move ahead, swishing through the pool of water about my feet.
    • Then what sounded like tennis shoes swishing through shallow water (I never had the courage to swim in water more than a foot deep) startled me.
    • She stood, her long, blue dress swishing as she moved.
    • Rachel's mother looks up at the sound of the door swishing open.
    • But at the moment, I am content to sit here and listen to the cars swishing through the water outside my windows.
    • Simply put five drops into running water and swish with your hand.
    • The wind swishes among the leaves, ruffles your hair.
    • I sat on the sidewalk as my skirt swished and flowed in the wind.
    • From the hips it flowed outwards, swishing around her legs and adding more grace to her already slim figure.
    • The sleeves covered her hands, as fashion dictated, and swished nicely when moved.
    • She wore a long white dress that swished and whirled about with the faintest brush of the wind.
    • The easiest way is to fill your sink or a basin with cold water and swish the kale around.
    • We go around in anoraks and bicycle clips while they swish through in large cars.
    • The axe's edge gleamed as it moved up and swept down, swishing audibly through the air.
    • For a while we're quiet, only the sound of our feet swishing in the water reaches my ears.
    • I moved sharply away, my clothes swishing with my movement.
    • Serial lights illuminated the trees and the gentle sounds of water swishing in the swimming pool, formed the perfect backdrop for the kebabs and the many side dishes that went with them.
    • As the rain falls in London, it washes the dirty streets into huge puddles on street corners, and cars send up dirty waves of water as they swish through them.
    • Rich kids in fourth grade used to make fun of the sounds of my corduroys swishing down the hall.
    • She sipped her drink politely and daintily, her dress swishing as she moved forward once finished.
    • The way the material flowed down, and swished around when I walked was beautiful.

adjetivoswisher, swishest

  • 1malsonante despectivo, argot

  • 2Britanico coloquial

    (stylish, elegant)
    pijo España coloquial
    pituco Cono Sur coloquial
    (invariable adjective) popoff México coloquial