Traducción de Swiss roll en Español:

Swiss roll

brazo de gitano, n.



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    brazo de gitano masculino
    brazo de reina masculino Andes
    (dulce) arrollado masculino Río de la Plata
    • Roll up the pastry like a Swiss roll, starting from one long side.
    • Brush the gaps with beaten egg. Starting with one of these edges, roll up tightly like a Swiss roll.
    • Next month's meeting will be held on Tuesday night, June 4 and the competition is for the best homebaked jam-filled Swiss roll.
    • The fresh cream pastries include orange and Cointreau pastry, white forest Swiss roll, lemon meringue roulade, tiramisu and coconut mousse cake.
    • In a large trifle bowl or individual glasses, place one layer of Swiss roll, sprinkle on rum, spoon custard on top, layer with fruits; repeat until all Swiss roll is used and the last layer is custard and fruit.