Traducción de switch-over en Español:


cambio, n.


Pronunciación /ˈswɪtʃˌəʊvə//ˈswɪtʃ ˌoʊvər/


  • 1

    cambio masculino
    switch-over from sth to sth cambio de algo a algo
    • The Government is now talking of a complete switch-over to open auction.
    • With any luck, you won't notice the switch-over other than perhaps seeing that the site appears more quickly.
    • There are concerns, however, that some people will find the switch-over financially difficult.
    • The radio station has until the end of the year to make the move and is drawing up plans to make sure it stays on air throughout the switch-over.
    • The timing depends on software developers' readiness for the switch-over.
    • This means my lifestyle switch-over is all but complete.
    • The switch-over to Sky started at 12.30 pm with a preview of the game.
    • The MEPs propose a ten year period for switch-over to a credit card format licence, with a common format to be introduced after a further ten years.
    • I'll announce it here when the switch-over is complete.
    • In the meantime, the changes are being planned by Ms. Doyle who says she is anxious to hear the views of consumers on how the switch-over should be made.
    • As a Reuters report makes clear, the switch-over from politics to pop is going ahead right on schedule.
    • More important is to ensure that the switch-over to digital happens as soon as possible.
    • It is still feasible technically for them to achieve switch-over by 2010, but whether the market will have developed to a sufficient extent is anybody's guess.
    • What's happening on the web is part of a wider cultural switch-over.
    • The switch-over is set to save the school about ten per cent on its electricity bills and has been partly paid for with a grant from the Energy Saving Trust.
    • This kind of switch-over should occur with increasing frequency as photographic subspecialties catch up with technological advances in the mass market.
    • In turn this will help to achieve the policy supported by all three main political parties of achieving digital switch-over for the whole country.
    • Lack of information on the availability of gadgets and government schemes has been a deterrent on a swift switch-over to alternative sources.
    • Productivity can suffer in the switch-over, even amongst newer versions of the same application.
    • This huge hike, it argues, is to help fund the digital switch-over, which requires new transmitters and financial aid to the elderly and needy, who otherwise would put two fingers up to having their analogue tellies taken away.