Traducción de swivel chair en Español:

swivel chair

silla giratoria, n.


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    silla giratoria femenino
    • He closed the door and claimed his seat in the squashy swivel chair behind his desk while I remained standing, hands folded stiffly.
    • Marc pulled away and turned in his swivel chair towards the file cabinets lined up on the wall.
    • Some later varieties of the swivel chair did not include a rocking mechanism, but most did.
    • The other chair was a swivel chair as might be found in an average business office.
    • Konnie got up from her swivel chair and let him have the seat.
    • The principal clasped his hands together; he sat behind a mahogany desk in a swivel chair.
    • He was now taking a seat on the swivel chair that went with the desk.
    • She pulled herself out of her bed and a moment later found herself seated on the black swivel chair in front of her computer.
    • They both take their seats, Greg in his leather swivel chair, Charles in the guest chair opposite.
    • The secretary raised her eyebrows and shrugged, then turned on her swivel chair and continued filing colored pages in a large cabinet.
    • She sank into the swivel chair at her desk and stared into the wardrobe mirrors.
    • Billy sat back in his swivel chair and stared out of the office window.
    • He was seated in his swivel chair with his back to me.
    • As he sat in his favorite swivel chair behind his big wooden desk, the phone rang.
    • Richard smirked at me and spun idly in the swivel chair - my swivel chair.
    • The floorboards creaked beneath my feet as I backtracked toward my desk and sat down in my swivel chair.
    • She lolled in a swivel chair in an office building, looking out the window over the city.
    • He cleared a space on his bed for his sister to take a seat and flopped down in his swivel chair.
    • Just before the door opened, I ducked under the desk and pulled the swivel chair towards me.
    • She sat down on the swivel chair and moved her hand across the large desk.