Traducción de syllabic en Español:


silábico, adj.

Pronunciación /səˈlæbɪk//sɪˈlabɪk/


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    • But such enlightened suggestions are always smothered by the conservatism of Canada's eastern Arctic communities, where attachment to the syllabic system is deep.
    • Went to a lecture on Linear B; the lecturer was Italian and impressed upon all twelve students how difficult a syllabic script (such as Linear B) is.
    • The margins are long (moving to the very end of the page) or short (even one word) based upon the content of the phrase rather than some predetermined syllabic length.
    • With the support of the Igloolik Research Centre, the names were transcribed into the syllabic orthography, and a parallel database using syllables was created.
    • Thanks to his familiarity with syllabic scripts (among others) he succeeded in identifying a number of consonant-vowel pairs that spelt out words which seemed convincing in their context.
    • This approach is taken to avoid the loss of syllabic content through euphonic combination.
    • To simplify a rather complex topic, for example, we can say that Spanish is a syllabic language in which the spoken language is driven by a small group of distinct syllables so that the written language is decoded easily by syllables.
    • As a young woman in Kangiqsujuaq, then known as Wakeham Bay, Mitiarjuk taught missionaries Inuttitut and, in return, she learned how to write syllabic script.
    • A clear-cut distinction cannot always be made between alphabets proper and syllabaries, sets of syllabic symbols as in the Japanese kana systems.
    • The syllabic structure of Chinese requires memorization of at least three thousand characters to be literate.