Traducción de symbolism en Español:


simbolismo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪmbəlɪz(ə)m//ˈsɪmbəˌlɪzəm/


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    (use of symbols)
    simbolismo masculino
    • These changes indicate a shift in ritual communication and material symbolism.
    • Although Emily's contemplations can feel overwritten and her symbolism heavy-handed, her engagingly angsty personality draws us in.
    • This rivalry serves as a subject worth great discussion due to the political symbolism each team represents and the history which divides the collected fans.
    • And that is the main fault line running through the collection: the stories are too choked with symbolism to achieve their lofty ambitions.
    • The symbolism was no accident: the film represented a new Germany, reborn and free of suffering on the First World War cross of defeat and humiliation.
    • Among the most interesting qualities of this film is the way this symbolism reinforces itself on multiple levels.
    • Through symbolism, you get your message across.
    • Topics include symbolism, dialogue, and the influence of film on reading comics.
    • But anyone who has ever striven to meet their standards knows they do not sacrifice quality for symbolism's sake.
    • While detractors tend to focus on his heavy symbolism and soliloquies, there is nonetheless a more delicate strand to Bergman's work.
    • This is a lot more about symbolism than substance.
    • But in fact, the words, symbolism and ideology were a ruse for grasping and holding onto power.
    • What is most disappointing is that I could tell there were a lot of cultural references and symbolism that I missed as a non-Japanese viewer.
    • I suspect they could cut it down, but I think people like the religious symbolism - I think it helps them believe revival will work.
    • Overflowing with symbolism and ironic dialogue, the film is beautifully washed in grey light.
    • Several former communist leaders used symbolism, religion, and outright dictatorial tactics to remain in power.
    • Some questioned the political gain of such self-sacrifice, or of trying to take down a heavily guarded fence in a gesture of dubious symbolism.
    • Like other films from the region, it carries deep-set symbolism and unspoken ideas.
    • It is all symbolism, and scare tactics and vaporizing about the ‘idea of Europe’.
    • The counter-argument is that those who believe this are just taking symbolism to the extreme, and symbols aren't inviolable.
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    simbolismo masculino