Traducción de symbolize en Español:


simbolizar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪmbəˌlaɪz//ˈsɪmbəlʌɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (be a symbol of)
    • Several people are shown being crushed under the weight of the body of the snake, which symbolises the Expressway.
    • Prasad began by producing a bouquet of flowers from thin air and proclaimed that it symbolised the yearning that every woman's life should glow like colourful flowers.
    • The dance consists of a ceremonial procession and symbolizes the unity of the kingdom.
    • The steam locomotive symbolised the glorious service rendered by the Railways to the people in the early years.
    • An eternally flowing river that symbolises life, conveyed through choreography, is an unseen presence throughout the play.
    • They were also presented with carnations, symbolising their dedication to the teaching profession.
    • Both within the camera frame and outside it, the Chevrolet came to symbolise status, aura and charisma.
    • The white cross on a red background comes from the flag of the canton of Schwyz, which has a red background symbolizing holy justice and a small representation of Christ on the cross at the upper left corner.
    • In many countries they symbolise Justice as blind and bearing scales.
    • The protesters sat silently near an empty chair meant to symbolize the absence of the professor.
    • Find a photo that illustrates, demonstrates or somehow symbolizes each word given.
    • The Beamer family later publicized the passengers' courageous behavior, and Beamer's words soon became a catch phrase symbolizing the nation's resolve.
    • The exhibition ends with a display symbolising man's final triumph in his conquest of the skies.
    • But how do we get the meaning of a complex expression from the concepts symbolized by its component words?
    • The launch will involve the ceremonial removal of pink blindfolds, to symbolise eyes being opened to the bigger picture.
    • Professional values also symbolize the democratic processes that key interest groups in the enterprise expect.
    • If a roulette wheel symbolizes your justice system, you have issues.
    • Nestled close together by the circumstances of history, they symbolised an intimate relationship, the warp and the weft of the fabric of the country.
    • He said he had intended to take part in the ceremony, where pillars symbolising the devil are stoned.
    • The broken glass symbolises the broken faith, broken trust and shattered justice, our axe symbolises the steadfastness of our determination.
  • 2

    representar simbólicamente
    • The post-war change in approach can be symbolised in the snapshot, subject of another section of the exhibition.
    • The columns have been painted to resemble jade, and in Chinese erotic poetry the male phallus is often symbolised as a jade column or a bamboo shoot.
    • Mason's many films and books helped to symbolize the canoe as a Canadian icon.
    • He became first president of Turkey, changing his name to Kemal Ataturk, symbolising him as father of the nation.
    • The Statue of Liberty (1886) in New York harbor symbolized the city's role as a Mecca for immigrants.