Traducción de symmetry en Español:


simetría, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪmɪtri//ˈsɪmətri/


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    simetría femenino
    axis of symmetry eje de simetría masculino
    • plane of symmetry plano de simetría
    • Moreover, the segments characterized have a common helical symmetry.
    • The y-axis was defined by the axis of symmetry.
    • One was designed to form a cage-like structure with tetrahedral symmetry, consisting of 12 subunits.
    • This clearly depends on the high degree of symmetry of the hexagons of Figure 5.
    • A bipolar nebula is one that is created by ejecting material primarily in a flat disk perpendicular to a single axis of symmetry.
    • When an egg is spun on its side, its axis of symmetry - a line stretching between the eggs' two tips - starts off by being horizontal.
    • Furthermore, with the spine as the line of symmetry, ‘right’ and ‘left’ sides are proportionally equal, but inverses of one another.
    • Each molecule has on average six neighbors, generating a six-fold hexagonal symmetry.
    • The axis of symmetry is indicated by a red broken line, along which pharyngeal slits are positioned.
    • 6.3 m high shells will be built out of lightweight blocks up to third floor level and juxtaposed with each other in rotational symmetry.
    • Consider those examples of Georgian architecture where a door doesn't even open, built there simply because a functioning door lies across the axis of symmetry.
    • In principle, it is possible that the hexagonal symmetry of the inner structure is a result of superposition of stacks of membranes oriented at different angles.
    • Certain corals, for example, build structures with hexagonal symmetry, but not in seafloor sediment.
    • Just as geometrical figures can exhibit symmetries, so can whole dynamical systems.
    • In snowflakes there is always this hexagonal, six-fold symmetry; that's because of the properties of water molecules.
    • There is a greater density beneath the lunar nearside, displacing its center of mass away from its axis of symmetry, and the pull of the Earth keeps that greater mass directed towards us.
    • New taxa include branching forms up to 1 cm in diameter that display hexagonal symmetry.
    • He examined the three dimensional figures obtained by rotating a regular polygon about an axis of symmetry.
    • Zygomorphic flowers are monosymmetric having a single line of symmetry.
    • Some of our rectangles had radial symmetry, while others achieved asymmetrical balance.
    • Because of this and rotational symmetry, all the red segments in Fig 8 have the same length.