Traducción de sympathetic en Español:


comprensivo, adj.

Pronunciación /sɪmpəˈθɛtɪk//ˌsɪmpəˈθɛdɪk/


  • 1

    she looked a sympathetic person me pareció una persona comprensiva
    • they offered a sympathetic ear when I most needed it me escucharon con comprensión cuando más lo necesitaba
    • they weren't in the least sympathetic no demostraron ninguna comprensión
    • to be sympathetic to/toward sb/sth
    • he was most sympathetic to me when my wife died me dio todo su apoyo y comprensión / fue de lo más comprensivo cuando murió mi mujer
    • He gave me a sympathetic smile and wiped away the tears from my face.
    • The St. Judith girl's eyes widened and she gave him a sympathetic look.
    • I knew Anikei was more sympathetic toward Pavel than anybody else was.
    • The Minister also appeared to have taken a sympathetic approach towards the problems faced by medical college doctors.
    • The gruffness took on a softer tone, sounding almost sympathetic.
    • Perhaps he should have been more sympathetic toward them.
    • "Oh, no, " he said, sounding sympathetic.
    • ‘Don't worry dear ’, she told me in sympathetic tones, ‘Everything will be fine’.
    • Both of the controllers were understanding and sympathetic toward me, perhaps more than I deserved.
    • Dave offered a hug along with his sympathetic tone, but Lori didn't feel the comfort in the embrace.
    • Rine decided these were not the friendly, sympathetic guards she and the duke had encountered earlier.
    • It would also release more time for doctors, who would no longer need to cope with people presenting illness as a cover for their real aim - the chance to talk to a sympathetic person about their personal problems.
    • I felt very sympathetic toward Jack but even worse that he had to go.
    • She is advised by a friend to visit a sympathetic doctor and make up ‘a fearful fib about a potty aunt’ in order to convince the psychiatrist that she is mentally unstable.
    • Mikey gave her the most sympathetic look he could muster then pushed her hair back.
    • She is as famous and prestigious as her father, and very esteemed with her warm and sympathetic personality.
    • I ended up telling him everything about my life, and he actually seemed sympathetic.
    • Madison gave a frustrated sigh and with one last sympathetic smile exited my bedroom.
    • The comrades were too sympathetic or polite to express alarm that he's only just realised.
    • This has happened at other stores and usually the most sympathetic person is the sales clerk, who feels guilty that I can't try on the clothes.
  • 2

    • 2.1(approving)

      (response/view) favorable
      (audience) bien dispuesto
      (audience) receptivo
      to be sympathetic to sth simpatizar con algo
      • But some people sympathetic to the aims of the protests question whether or not mass demonstrations are worthwhile.
      • They sought to weed out those who opposed capital punishment or were apparently too sympathetic toward an insanity defense.
      • At least one newspaper has editorialised in favour of political union and others are sympathetic to the proposal.
      • Some commentators, particularly those sympathetic to postmodernist thought, have argued against a notion of difference based on experiential diversity.
      • Of course, over time ministers sometimes promoted officers whom they found sympathetic to the cause, but in general the service was respected as the giver of fearless and impartial advice.
      • And among those there are a lot of people sympathetic to the far right.
      • Though sympathetic to the aims of antiwar activists who emerged from each of these groups, his assessment is equivocal and, in some places, muddled.
      • There may be a few on the bar ethics committee, at least, who are sympathetic to the ‘civil disobedience’ argument.
      • Though Stark is sympathetic to these voices, her ire is raised by the question of private practice.
      • My parents were very sympathetic to my need to pay attention to detail.
      • Before you started your research, had you been sympathetic toward the idea of antidepressants?
      • Let's hope that Bradford MP Gerry Sutcliffe, whose ministerial responsibilities now include fireworks, is sympathetic to that view.
      • This was to have an impact on his political strategy: though sympathetic to some of the aims of both the French Revolution and the United Irishmen, he retained a strong aversion to political violence.
      • I'm sympathetic with the president's desire to let people have ownership.
      • Fortunately, European public opinion was much more sympathetic to the cause of freedom.
      • This patronising attitude only serves to alienate potential members who might otherwise be sympathetic to socialist ideas.
      • He remains sympathetic to their aims whilst showing up their limitations.
      • By now, Begin was somewhat sympathetic to a diplomatic solution but he also believed in the use of force to protect Israel.
      • I'm sympathetic to the argument that control over access to the Internet might be abused.
      • Perhaps I give the impression of being more sympathetic to the conservative cause.

    • 2.2(congenial)

      (environment/atmosphere) cordial
      • Played to perfection by Rebecca Northan, who delivers an expertly layered performance, Kelly becomes the most captivating and sympathetic character in the play.
      • The planning officer's report to the district council says the development is considered to be sympathetic to the surroundings and would be allowed under the Draft District Plan.
      • The plans, likely to cost around £1m, would be sympathetic to existing features of the park, retaining football playing fields and working around recently planted trees.
      • Top that off, most of the sympathetic characters are hippies and you have a movie with pretty progressive values.
      • The home had been plagued by numerous remodels, ‘none of which were sympathetic to the original design,’ he explains.
      • As our viewpoint character she is the most stable and sympathetic person in the film, and yet she is almost completely mercenary, serving no code but her own desires and whims.
      • Harvey kept Hilarion as a sympathetic character, ruggedly attractive and devoted.
      • The fragment in the museum is smaller than the repeat, so the designers at Brunschwig et Fils were called upon to finish the original design in a sympathetic way.
      • Despite a predictable script, Jugnot is still able to play an immensely sympathetic character without being cloying.
      • A fantastic range of modern and traditional architecture, with the modern architecture being sympathetic to the traditional, while not slavishly emulating it.
      • In Cath, Jennings succeeds in quickly establishing an extremely likeable, sympathetic character.
      • Sevenoaks Council said its planners feel the design takes into account the town plan and is sympathetic to the surroundings.
      • The homes will also be sympathetic to existing designs in Broome Manor Lane in that they will be two storey.
      • As for the proposal, the stark image of the piazza is hardly sympathetic to the trees already on the bank of the Foss.
      • So the goal was to design a roof structure sympathetic to these life-forming principles.
      • You could design something that's sympathetic to its surroundings.
      • The new floor is made up of a lime-based material sympathetic to the original structure and creates a level floor allowing better access to visitors.
      • None of the characters are very sympathetic or warm, with the only real charm being shown by the film's villain, Kay Walsh.
      • All are portrayed as sympathetic characters - indeed Trollope researched her subject with several people of the same age and was struck by how nice everyone was.
      • Readers looking for sweet, sympathetic heroines would be best advised to look elsewhere.
      • Because they have cultivated, or had cultivated for them, this image of a sympathetic people, they are terrified of appearing to offend anybody, even if this means losing some of their sovereignty.
      • Without glossing over the more reprehensible elements in Sade's temperament, Rush succeeds in making him into a sympathetic character.
      • Rhodes constructs a sympathetic portrait of Audubon and places him in his historical and cultural context.
      • The protagonist and I share a lot of personality traits too, although I'm possibly less of a sympathetic character.
      • Most importantly, Shuuya is far from the only sympathetic character, with at least two other people seemingly having no intention of playing the game by the close of this first volume.
      • The proposed new development is sympathetic to the existing church structure, but recognises the need to differentiate this new building from the old one.
      • She doesn't come across as a very sympathetic character.
      • It adds: ‘The proposals have been well designed and are considered to be sympathetic to the Grade II almshouse on the site.’
      • Those changes include a new door to the wine bar and roof lights sympathetic to the building's design.
      • I'm sure the writers will protest that discussing issues like this, using sympathetic characters, helps educate others in similar situations.
      • Like Tony Maudsley's character, Martin, Christine is very sympathetic, and her sweet nature sets her apart from Ray Temple's bullying and caustic ways.
      • His lifestyle was too threatening, his irresponsibility too damning to make him sympathetic.
      • But architect Malcolm Payne said the design was very sympathetic and would open up new views of York Minster.
      • Giving Foyle an array of personal problems makes him a much more sympathetic character, too.
      • Rather, he portrays unrepentant communists as sympathetic characters in the novel.

    • 2.3(showing empathy)

      (interpretation/rendering) fiel