Traducción de symptomatic en Español:


sintomático, adj.

Pronunciación /sɪm(p)təˈmatɪk//ˌsɪm(p)təˈmædɪk/


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    symptomatic of sth sintomático de algo
    • Both represent desirable objects, symptomatic of consumerism and excess.
    • The crisis that has emerged is symptomatic of New Labour's policy of increasing the privatisation of education.
    • For Poe the physical decay of the house was symptomatic of the decline of the Usher family.
    • I mean, when you really look at this, this is symptomatic of a larger problem.
    • Rather than a flaw on the part of Mayo, this is more likely symptomatic of the unpredictability of underage football.
    • It is symptomatic of the larger political climate in our society.
    • But it is symptomatic of wider troubles, in which the Prime Minister seems to be assailed in every direction he turns.
    • They are silenced and their anger is considered symptomatic of delinquency.
    • Analysts argued the foreign currency issues were symptomatic of a lack of controls and a poor culture within the bank.
    • It is absolutely symptomatic of the double-standards inherent in a society where a woman's worth is measured by her ability to adorn.
    • The experience of mother-of-three Jane Foot is symptomatic of the piecemeal approach to sex education in this country.
    • It's the kind of evasion that's symptomatic of Hall's biggest problem.
    • The tough policy is symptomatic of a new war on Jamaican Yardies that is being waged by police, as revealed by the Yorkshire Post last Saturday.
    • However, he says it was symptomatic of a huge culture gap between the Australian generals and not just himself but several key players.
    • Their conduct was symptomatic of the unprincipled character of the entire project.
    • Images that traditionally evoke nostalgia become symptomatic of inevitable decay.
    • Such contradictions are symptomatic of an epoch at the end of its life. It has outlived its usefulness.
    • The Times sees this as symptomatic of how all-pervasive computers and the internet have become for the younger
    • To play well when the decisive league game is over, critics argue, is symptomatic of a personality lacking the qualities of true winner.
    • I feel this to be symptomatic of the ‘every man for himself’ attitude that prevails in society today.