Traducción de synoptic en Español:


sinóptico, adj.

Pronunciación /sɪˈnɒptɪk//səˈnɑptɪk/


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    the Synoptic Gospels los evangelios sinópticos
    • Indeed, whether or not it was part of a collection of sayings gathered within this text, it does not explain in itself why it was kept within the synoptic composition.
    • John's gospel is not considered synoptic as it contains 92% unique material from the other three.
    • Jesus' friend Lazarus in John's Gospel, (written for readers likely already familiar with the synoptic rich man parable) I think, is that same Lazarus who was indeed sent back from the dead.
    • The practical result was that a semicontinuous reading of a synoptic gospel in each of the three years in the sequence Matthew, Mark and Luke was interrupted by the insertion of some readings from John.
    • These highly Lucan traditions about Mary do not prevent him from inserting in another place the synoptic tradition valuing Mary on a different, common ground.
    • Nevertheless, this impressive volume is another significant step forward in the challenge to the hegemony of ‘the Two Document hypothesis’ in synoptic studies.
    • In John, although there are a few parabolic sayings, there are no parables comparable with the synoptic tradition.
    • It is precisely this complex of ideas in the oldest layer of the synoptic tradition which is the object of our consideration.
    • Some years ago, as noted above, a group of new testament scholars invited a group of secular and classical scholars to evaluate theories of synoptic dependence.
    • The author knows well that its existence has become a foundation for synoptic studies and the historical Jesus.
    • This description of the hostility which meets the ‘righteous poor man’ is a prophetic description of the Passion of Christ (and one clearly in the backs of the minds of the synoptic writers).
    • This is the neighbor love of the second of the great commandments Jesus describes in the synoptic accounts.