Traducción de syntax en Español:


sintaxis, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪnˌtæks//ˈsɪntaks/


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    sintaxis femenino
    • Of course, this tiny ‘language,’ consisting of one-word sentences, has no syntax.
    • The background may not merely enable the reasonable man to choose between the possible meaning of words which are ambiguous but even to conclude that the parties must, for whatever reasons, have used the wrong words or syntax.
    • What is the point of syntax if we drop word order entirely?
    • They worked their way through many features of language, from words to syntax to speech, that they argued show signs of adaptation in humans specifically for language.
    • Opting for an unusually loose, appositional syntax which strings together phrases or clauses that come at a phenomenon from different angles, he manages to give a sensuous concreteness to abstract concepts.
    • It appears to be the case that no language has its word order or anything about its syntax determined by facts of pronunciation.
    • The word choice and syntax are mine, the allusions part of my mental framework.
    • Thus, as we each make meaning out of language, we do far more than compute an interpretation deriving from the interaction of syntax and word meaning.
    • It comes as a surprise to most beginners in contemporary mainstream linguistics when they find that, instead, the central component of language is presented as syntax.
    • Beneath the surface grinds the invisible machinery of grammar, language, syntax and rhetoric, the gears of making meaning, the hardware of the trade.
    • Try to imagine a world without language; a world where words, grammar and syntax suddenly become meaningless.
    • Avoid translating prompts word for word because syntax and common word usage vary widely among languages.
    • This at least seems true in the limited sense that all human tribes, classes and even professions instinctively create their own vocabularies, phrases and even syntax.
    • He spent eight years teaching high school Latin, which perhaps explains the purity of his syntax and word choices.
    • He divides his students into groups and gives them one semester to create their own language - complete with its own syntax and lexicon.
    • The other thing that they're learning about is syntax, phrase boundaries and clause boundaries.
    • Additionally, he is criticized for overuse of complex words and syntax.
    • To get facility with Italian as a third language, you would need only to grasp minor changes in word forms and syntax.
    • The meaning of a word varies when syntax is arranged differently.
    • I suspect that the error is due to the differing difficulty of the syntax of the two sentences.