Traducción de T-bar en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈti ˌbɑr///


  • 1

    (T-shaped bar, beam)
    barra en forma de T femenino
    • A T-bar clips into the glove box of any vehicle and the curry can then be hung safely and securely on the hook.
    • The property he took was a silver and gold Citizen's wristwatch, with a Babalone face, and a gold necklace, with large flat links and a T-bar.
    • The Cambiocorsa also comes with a little T-bar reverse selector on the centre console.
    • He stole a gold chain with a T-bar, a gold chain with a sovereign, a gold sovereign ring and a gold and sapphire diamond ring.
  • 2

    (ski lift)
    T-bar lift telesquí masculino
    • As we climb Cairngorm on the T-bar I ask my instructor Alistair if he can sum up the appeal of our Scottish slopes.
    • So it was unsurprising when, later in the week, William was photographed riding a T-bar with a rather more attractive companion.
    • Generally they'll have a few rope-tows or T-bars to take you up a main route on the mountain; from there you traverse to where you want to ski, or head straight down.
    • We finish at a downhill ski area and a T-bar lift to a fine hotel at the top of a run.
    • Also, nobody told me that you don't actually sit down on a T-bar.