Traducción de tacit en Español:


tácito, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtæsət//ˈtasɪt/


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    • The Promotion of Volunteering Bill has even gained the tacit support of the government.
    • Surely they own the site so must have given their tacit agreement before things got this far?
    • It did so, first by claiming the right, and then by seeking the express or tacit support of other countries.
    • There is tacit recognition of this fact within government circles.
    • The informal system consists largely in tacit agreements and understandings.
    • What goes on in these nations therefore occurs with tacit approval of Western nations.
    • The tacit admission reinforces the grimmest lesson of the American atrocities.
    • Will they ever come to terms with what was done in their names and, for the most part, with their tacit approval?
    • At a recent meeting, the Minister indicated his tacit support for such a model.
    • It was a tacit condoning of torture, brutality and summary execution.
    • In some states tacit agreements may strengthen the majorities of each party in its own constituencies.
    • Part of the tacit deal, on the evidence of yesterday's speech, is that he goes soft on Labour.
    • It is submitted that this represented no more than a tacit understanding between staff members.
    • Such rituals enable people to conduct business via tacit understandings.
    • The two main parties have become a cartel, operating a tacit understanding not to broach any important issue.
    • His continued tacit approval of the coalition is essential to its success.
    • The tacit understanding is that whatever else happens inside is a matter between consenting adults.
    • We agree to pay based on the tacit agreement that other necessities remain reasonable.
    • Even in conservative Hong Kong, there was a sense of tacit support and envy.
    • No regime can rule by force alone - they usually rule by consent, whether tacit or explicit.