Traducción de tact en Español:


tacto, n.

Pronunciación /takt//tækt/


  • 1

    tacto masculino
    • Helping survivors cope with the trauma needs knowledge and tact.
    • She lacked tact and the finesse it took to write something beautiful.
    • You're totally honest but know how to deliver any piece of news with kindness, smarts and tact.
    • In particular the issue of race was handled with tact and care.
    • It is a situation that calls for sensitivity, tact and discretion.
    • The key to your personal success in this effort is to use poise, grace and tact.
    • She never really knew how to handle delicate situations requiring tact and sincere honesty.
    • There's a swath of middle ground to consider, and given reasonable tact and grace you can probably find a spot there.
    • Even now, he admired the skill and tact with which the review was written.
    • You took the time to approach the issue with a lot more tact.
    • She had expected the girls to look down their noses at her obvious lack of tact and knowledge of titles and English customs.
    • This kind of development work requires tact and cultural sensitivity.
    • The office needs tact, sensitivity, and skills of an unusual order.
    • With great tact and skill, he was able to calm the crowd and disperse them.
    • A controversial discussion can turn ugly very quickly, as tact is often a skill acquired at a more advanced language level.
    • A unique combination of tact, charm, deportment and sartorial style, he was all one would wish to see in an idol.
    • In this context, putting the case for armoured divisions was something that had to be done with skill and tact.
    • Also, saying what you think is not the most useful skill for a job that requires a fair amount of tact.
    • You deal with difficult situations efficiently and resolve conflicts with tact.
    • I know tact is difficult for you, but kindly refrain from humiliating me further.