Traducción de tail rotor en Español:

tail rotor

rotor de cola, n.


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    rotor de cola masculino
    • Absence of the tail rotor enables the helicopter to perform flat turns within the entire flight speed range.
    • The Mi - 17, recognizable because the tail rotor is located on the starboard side instead of the port side, is a multipurpose helicopter capable of carrying either cargo in the cabin or up to 30 passengers.
    • The tail rotor is designed on a biplane configuration, with independently controlled X-shaped blades.
    • Although a helicopter has a main blade, rotating at 500 rpm above it, and a tail rotor that acts as a rudder, it remains a completely unstable machine.
    • Kamov helicopters are well known for the co-axial contra-rotating rotor design, but the Ka - 60 has a single four-bladed main rotor with an anti-torque tail rotor.