Traducción de tailbone en Español:


rabadilla, n.

Pronunciación /ˈteɪlboʊn//ˈteɪlbəʊn/



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    rabadilla femenino coloquial
    • It reached down his back to his tail bone and he now scrutinized each of his friend's assailants with his bright red eyes.
    • Some 15-20 other specimens around the country range from about 10% to 80% complete; missing ribs and tail bones are common.
    • He's found a tail bone from a meat-eating Allosaurus that shows a silver-dollar-size hole and a wide gash that a Stegosaurus' spike could have inflicted.
    • He probably would have still been teaching at Premiere Guild right now if he hadn't fell down a flight of stairs and broken his hip and bruised his tail bone.
    • Major conclusions were made about its mode of walking, and about its tail structure, and yet the important fibula bones, pelvis, and tail bones were not found.
    • Argentinean scientists have discovered gigantic neck, back, and tail bones from one of the largest dinosaurs ever to roam the Earth.
    • It's been getting worse so I eventually went off the to the doctor who told me, with some mild astonishment on his behalf, that my tail bone, instead of hanging down with a little curl in, is bent in at a 90 degree angle.
    • The tail bones are very flat and compressed, seemingly specialized for swimming, just as they are in modern beavers and otters.
    • With a resounding slap, I go under at a crooked angle that allows my tail bone to take the biggest hit.
    • The fact we have an appendix proves we must have once been grass eaters, the fact we have a tail bone or coccyx proves we used to have tails like the gorillas and other animals still do.
    • There should be a straight-line from the top of your head to your tail bone.
    • Last time I tried riding a board, I fell and broke my tail bone, so no thanks.
    • In January 1996, Mr. Jalakh fell on the ice and hurt his hip and tail bone.