Traducción de tailgate en Español:


puerta trasera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈteɪlˌɡeɪt//ˈteɪlɡeɪt/


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    puerta trasera femenino
    puerta de atrás femenino
    • It is more sporty and good-looking, nice and comfortable inside with attractive dashboard design, and also provides a top-hinged tailgate with a flip-up window.
    • The split tailgate, as opposed to a standard, top-hinged hatchback door, is fun.
    • In fact she was out of the wagon, leaning heavily on the tailgate with one hand clutched against the bandages.
    • This can be surprisingly useful when loading heavy objects and it gives the added bonus that smaller items will not roll out if it is necessary to open the tailgate when you are parked facing uphill.
    • Thankfully the Avensis has now been returned to the Company Car fold as good as new with its new tailgate and bumper.
    • The Intelligent Key allows the doors and tailgate to be locked and unlocked, and the engine started without having to insert either a key or a card into the vehicle.
    • You use the key for the doors and the tailgate as well as the fuel filler, glovebox and console bin.
    • The teenager was unconscious as firefighters from Devizes released her by forcing open the tailgate and rear passenger door.
    • The evidence indicates that the tailgate of the Savannah estate opened as the combination came to rest.
    • Among the auto parts that wear out fast or gets frequently damaged are the body panels and other exterior parts such as the bumper, the door, the tailgate, and the wheels, including the tires.
    • The Washu concept is a 6-seater, has sliding rear doors, and a tailgate that opens in two sections with the glass hinged upwards in hatchback fashion while the lower panel drops straight down.
    • There is also a special compartment in the tailgate which houses a warning triangle for use if the event of a breakdown, a legal necessity abroad.
    • On the outside, only the tailgate, doors and roof panel are unchanged from the standard Focus.
    • The Enterprise has a two-piece rear door, with the top hinged curved glass tailgate opens at the touch of a button to allow access, even if another vehicle is parked close to the rear.
    • We crossed over onto the prom, squeezing between the bumpers and tailgates of near stationary cars with less grace and confidence than the mocking seagulls.
    • The tailgate is unusual in being hinged deep into the roof and having a separately opening window that allows the loading of shopping or other small items in a restricted parking space.
    • Auto Parts Deal has a great variety of stylish and high quality exterior auto parts for the Dodge Omni including Dodge tailgates, Dodge fog lights, Dodge grill, chrome or silver Dodge grille guard and Dodge headlights.
    • It features an ingenious, ‘one-motion’ rear seat and an automatic tailgate that can be fully opened and closed at the press of a button.
    • Everything else about the exterior of the car is the same, including the rear doors and tailgate.
    • Past them and further down the road, a young woman in shorts, T-shirt and a peaked cap with ‘B’ embroidered on it has the tailgate of her SUV open.

    de un coche de cinco o tres puertas

  • 2also tailgate party

    picnic al lado del coche

verbo transitivo


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    manejar pegado a
    conducir pegado a España

verbo intransitivo

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    manejar pegado al vehículo de delante
    conducir pegado al vehículo de delante España
    chupar rueda Colombia coloquial