Traducción de tailor en Español:


sastre, n.

Pronunciación /ˈteɪlə//ˈteɪlər/


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    sastre masculino
    he went to the tailor's fue al sastre / a la sastrería
    • tailor's chalk jaboncillo
    • tailor's dummy maniquí

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1Indumentaria

      • Kids will go mad for something like this and you can tailor the clothing to a girl or a boy.
      • Reddy's clothes are tailored in Mumbai by Akbar, also famous as superstar Amitabh Bachchan's tailor.
      • Another plus; the clothes were tailored to fit us.
      • Especially when it comes to everyday clothes, there's a desire to buy clothes that have been tailored according to the latest styles and fashions.
      • One can only tailor a jacket according to the piece of cloth available.
      • If I could tailor clothes, I'd make it live, but my sewing skills are rudimentary and extremely time-consuming.
      • Anyway his shirts are usually tailored so they are quite fitted.
      • These suits need to be specially tailored for each individual.
      • Since their flight suits are tailored when they join the team, maintaining their shape usually equates to eating light.
      • The shape and size of the bras were specially tailored to accommodate the different styles of clothing in varied eras.
      • With all of her feminine assets covered, the strands went to work tailoring a belt and draped skirt before forming leather boots with soft fur collars.
      • Clothes were always tailored to oneself, and thus, the process was made quite lengthy.
      • Some of the most elegant men in India still get their suits and trousers tailored by the best in Saville Row.
      • Surely you can only tailor a jacket according to the size of the cloth available.
      • He was immaculately groomed, and his dinner suit was tailored by a genius.

    • 1.2tailored past participle, (before noun)Indumentaria

      (jacket/skirt) (fitted) entallado
      (skirt/jacket) (lined, structured etc) armado
      (skirt/jacket) (lined, structured etc) tipo sastre
      • He must learn programming scripts that allow a generic program to be tailored to a specific purpose.
      • The authors report that once a diagnosis of problem drinking or alcoholism is established, a treatment plan can be tailored to the situation.
      • In addition, an architect may spend many hours developing a design that is expressly tailored to both your needs and your building site.
      • The programme is designed to deliver hands-on assistance to companies and is tailored to meet their particular needs.
      • Plans must be tailored to your business' goals, management style, size, resources and location.
      • As each region is different, the short-term plan has been tailored to their requirements.
      • The maintenance and operation of irrigation projects is dismal and these projects needs to be decentralized so that it could be tailored to meet the specific needs of the local farming community.
      • Film schools are led by market forces, and are now more oriented to the idea of profit, and training is tailored to some degree to feed into the structures of television.
      • Depending upon their circumstances, of course, the plan that they have might not be tailored to the needs of your family, but it's a good starting point.
      • While landscape painting is the main interest of the group, the yearly programme is tailored to the members' needs and tries to give them as varied an instructive tuition as possible.
      • The courses are tailored to fit around school holidays and nurses taking part are guaranteed a minimum of 10 hours pay a week with additional financial assistance for childcare and travel expenses.
      • Then it is possible to devise a special slimming plan perfectly tailored to your personal situation.
      • Let a professional assist you in designing a safe exercise program that has been tailored to your needs and will help you with pain management.
      • All of the dishes are individually created so that the results are always unique and can be tailored to your own particular taste - from mild and creamy sauces to super-spicy sensations.
      • They will then work with you to design an individual treatment plan that is tailored to your unique circumstances.
      • Many questions need to be answered before a plan can be tailored to a facility.
      • Some of the schemes were meant for those employed in Government, education and scientific research, while others were tailored to meet the needs of the corporate sector.
      • Even the initial large-scale industrial production base in the mining sector was specifically tailored to serve the process of extractive exploitation of natural resources.
      • Moreover, in some cases regulation is not even intended to further the public interest, being tailored to the needs of particular constituencies.
      • A security plan needs to be tailored to a specific building and the organizations within it.

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    we offer individually tailored courses ofrecemos cursos a la medida de sus necesidades
    • we can tailor the policy to suit your personal circumstances podemos adaptar la póliza a sus circunstancias personales