Traducción de taker en Español:


interesado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈteɪkə//ˈteɪkər/


  • 1

    interesado masculino
    interesada femenino
    I offered to take them to the beach but there were no takers me ofrecí a llevarlos a la playa pero nadie quiso ir / no hubo interesados
    • there's plenty of soup left: any takers? queda mucha sopa ¿alguien quiere más / tiene interés?
    • With the cook not around, the lunch was replaced by bread and milk, which found a few takers.
    • The postal and e-mail Sanskrit learning and Vedanta courses also have quite a few takers.
    • After nearly four months on the market there have been no takers for one of the biggest empty factories in the York area.
    • Some stamps are popular in a particular region but will find no takers elsewhere.
    • Interestingly, the film is lying in the cans because it did not find any takers.
    • Outside, the touts are charging £90 for a seat in the stalls, with no shortage of takers.
    • There may hardly be any takers for a serious study of the language and literature.
    • A discourse for which there were few takers earlier began to sound plausible.
    • While the suggestions to compensate the owners were many, not too many of these found takers.
    • There were no takers for her offer, for everyone seemed to want a lively dance instead.
    • His idea in a vernacular magazine essay competition has found takers in the Chennai Corporation.
    • In the absence of any takers, the value of these shares could continue falling until they are worth nothing at all.
    • Civil liberties groups try periodically to make internment a cause célèbre, but find few takers.
    • Trade pundits say that more than 60 films are held up with no takers for immediate release.
    • Any good play that promises full-length entertainment will always have takers.
    • Unless publicised, even quality stuff at competitive prices may not have many takers.
    • On the restart Mitchell wriggled along the byline and looked on in frustration when his dangerous cross found no takers.
    • The buildings were put up for sale but there have been no takers.
    • There would be plenty of takers further afield, but the farm doesn't have the manpower to run it.
    • Poultry shops like this one in Triplicane are finding fewer takers these days due to the bird influenza scare.