Traducción de tale en Español:


cuento, n.

Pronunciación /teɪl//teɪl/


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    cuento masculino
    relato masculino
    I could tell you a tale or two about him! ¡si yo te contara lo que sé de él!
    • used by or to children to tell tales contar chismes / cuentos
    • I don't want to hear if you've just come to tell tales no me vengas con chismes / cuentos que no quiero saber nada
    • that's not true: you're telling tales! ¡mentira! ¡eso es un cuento chino!
    • to tell tales out of school andar con chismes / cuentos
    • As a young boy, Andrew Roberts, the leading historian, thrilled to the tales in Our Island Story, and he's delighted that it is now being reprinted.
    • Like other Central Asian peoples, the Turkmens have a rich folklore tradition of epic stories, tales, and lyric poems.
    • While it is true that the Hogwarts tales are supposed to appeal to young readers, personnel at bookstalls say that there is no dearth of adult readers who cannot wait to see what Rowling has in store in the new book.
    • Mary and Tom Coogan's story is an inspirational tale of a true and deep love that conquered tragedy.
    • In traditional storytelling, trickster tales are often greeted with laughter.
    • After the First World War public taste shifted away from the short story to the novel-length tale.
    • Although the author offers up many intriguing story ingredients and historical tales, she lacks a central driving narrative.
    • Like the myth of Hercules, the legend of Samson is a tale recounted in many cultures.
    • New research, published yesterday, suggests children's love of contemporary fiction means classic tales are being left on the shelves.
    • They carry with them proof of their amazing visits, and can spend much time narrating tales about every photograph and testimonial they carry with them.
    • Ghost stories, tales of the supernatural and horror films all scare us via confrontation with the unknown.
    • Set in Edwardian London, the movie starts off with Wendy who narrates harrowing tales of swordplay and Captain Hook, who fears nothing but a ticking clock.
    • All the ethnic groups of Uganda have a rich oral tradition of tales, legends, stories, proverbs, and riddles.
    • The authors of classics like Haunted Heartland have returned with a brand new collection of ghost stories and haunted tales from all across the country.
    • Some stories are much too good to be true, tales so full of emotion and pathos that they compel a journalist to step back and reconsider.
    • Chloe of the Midnight Storytellers will amuse the guests by recounting tales from myth and legend, as well as adaptations of literary short stories.
    • He can also recount tales of his solo effort through the awesome Atlas mountains in Morocco in addition to his conquering the magnificent but deadly Picos De Europa in North West Spain.
    • Radio broadcasts and recordings of epic tales and local histories told by leading griots have helped transport this literature into the twenty-first century.
    • Elders, by means of recitation of stories, tales, and legends, were also significant teachers.
    • Improbable tales of true love overcoming desperate odds are a hallmark of Bollywood, the Indian film genre watched by millions worldwide.