Traducción de talent scout en Español:

talent scout

cazatalentos, n.

(British talent spotter)


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    cazatalentos masculino
    • Most of the players were recommended by a club coach, a talent scout or a high school coach.
    • At the age of 15 he was spotted by a talent scout for Leeds United and signed up, along with 10 others, by new manager Don Revie.
    • In 1982, Fei was discovered by a talent scout and entered the entertainment industry.
    • The role will involve spreading good practice ideas around the BBC's 39 Local Radio stations in England, developing shared events and acting as a talent scout.
    • With his sixth goal of the season and another bristling performance, the 24-year-old striker continues to work wonders for Berti Vogts' reputation as a competent talent scout.
    • I really can't be bothered to get all dressy for school, though Tahlia tells me I should in case a talent scout is around.
    • The decision proved fortuitous when his show at the Red Lion was caught by a talent scout from Reprise, who signed him to the label.
    • In 1953 a talent scout for Columbia Pictures noticed him in a Broadway play and Lemmon began his Hollywood career.
    • A talent scout for Stars in Their Eyes hears him and offers him a spot.
    • He began his career running discos before becoming a talent scout for a record company.
    • She sang any chance she could get and was eventually discovered by a talent scout while singing in a club in Philadelphia.
    • When a talent scout saw the unfinished revolving restaurant crowning Schilthorn peak he proclaimed: ‘This is it!’
    • Their spotting by a talent scout was the beginning of the big time.
    • If you were a talent scout you'd have his youngster on the top of your list until you realised he turns 31 in August.
    • Still a competitor, he branched out into fitness modeling after a talent scout noticed him training in a gym.
    • He was handpicked by a talent scout who saw he had what it takes to appear in the show.
    • She didn't say anything about being found by a talent scout in 10th grade and starring on several TV shows before making it big as a singer.
    • Benny Chen, a singer-and-actor from Taiwan, stepped into show business because a talent scout found that Chen closely resembled Leslie Cheung and he persuaded Chen to try his luck.
    • Dumby's spectacular football prowess has been spotted by a city talent scout, which sets up the need for him to win Best Player in the final against a much stronger team.
    • Every now and then, a talent scout from one of the galleries in NYC would come down and see if they could find their next celebrity for the art world.