Traducción de talented en Español:


talentoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtaləntɪd//ˈtælən(t)əd/


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    de talento
    • He is the most talented young English player around and as such he is under the microscope.
    • The many talented software developers in those countries should be given a fair chance.
    • This was a period when a number of talented young players started coming through.
    • They have a lot of respect now, and all the bands on the label are unique and talented.
    • Big-hitting young forward is raw but very talented and has a big future ahead of him.
    • They have a rich seam of talented players and have the ambition to succeed as a whole.
    • Yet Leigh youngsters are as talented as young people anywhere else in the country.
    • There is a very talented tier of young executives hungry for success and on the way up.
    • He was a very talented musician and he was a pleasure to be with in the studio.
    • The group of talented young musicians wowed crowds with a series of classical and pop tunes.
    • He was also a very talented artist and had had some of his paintings exhibited.
    • This council has a clear commitment to the education of gifted and talented pupils.
    • He devised a television show that would allow talented home cooks to compete for a prize.
    • The displays have grown out of a series of interviews with talented local folk.
    • This year the team will run two young and talented drivers who are both aiming for the title.
    • I feel privileged to help such a talented sportsman on the path to becoming a world champion.
    • We have a lot of talented amateur artists in Bolton as well as some well known painters.
    • We are on the lookout for the most talented young poets in our region's schools.
    • He is inordinately proud of his troupe and relishes being around the young and talented.
    • His input is great and he's a talented young player with a big future ahead of him.