Traducción de talk en español:


hablar, v.

Pronunciación: /tɔk//tɔːk/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(utter words)

      • He is openly weary of discussing his adoption and complains that the last journalist he spoke to wouldn't talk about anything else.
      • We talked about personal beliefs and embarrassing moments.
      • She's not speaking to him and he's not talking to her and they haven't spoken for years.
      • She was always strangely content to focus on her job, never talking about her personal life.
      • For example, to claim a right to free speech is to talk nonsense as nobody really has such a total right.
      • While no one likes to face this possibility, it's not a bad idea to talk about caring options before they become a necessity.
      • When I get home I speak to my wife and we don't talk about football.
      • He talks at great length about architecture.
      • With these ideas out of the window, what is there to talk about?
      • He talked in his speech about the abuse of power by the executive.
      • Even as we talked, the unreliable power supply was affecting the lighting.
      • Why are they not talking about putting the power back on and getting the sewage out of the streets.
      • She talks at a rate of knots, but is charm personified.
      • Throughout his speech, the minister talked about culture as an instrument for social improvement.
      • As well as stopping and talking to people on the street we also spent a lot of time checking under bridges and talking with the homeless there.
      • As might be expected, he does not clearly express his stance even though he talks about the power of the presidency.
      • Schools may not provide enough information for young girls but friends talk about sex amongst each other, they know what happens.
      • Nobody can accuse him of not finding the time to talk to whoever wants to speak to him.
      • For Arius, it was logically possible to talk about God without talking of him as Father.
      • However, since I was so relieved to be talking to someone, I started talking with her friend.

    • 1.2

      (doll) que habla
      (newspaper/book) grabado
      talking picture película sonora femenino
      • He can only use his right hand and finds talking difficult as his speech is impaired.
      • He talks, but his speech has not developed at the rate it should.

  • 2

    (speak) hablar
    (converse) hablar
    (converse) platicar América Central México
    platicar con algn América Central México
    to talk in English/in a whisper hablar en inglés/en susurros
    • she talks very fast/with a French accent habla muy rápido/con acento francés
    • we talked on the phone hablamos por teléfono
    • everyone stopped talking todo el mundo se calló
    • stop talking! ¡silencio!
    • don't talk with your mouth full! ¡no hables con la boca llena!
    • he never stops talking no para de hablar
    • they talked and talked hablaron largo y tendido
    • you'd think she was a monster the way they talk oyéndolos a ellos, cualquiera diría que es un monstruo
    • I wish he were dead! — you shouldn't talk like that! ¡ojalá se muriera! — ¡no digas eso!
    • to talk about sb/sth hablar de algn/algo
    • to talk of sth hablar de algo
    • to talk to sb
    • to talk with sb hablar con algn
    • we talked about you/the weather hablamos de ti/del tiempo
    • he doesn't know what he's talking about no sabe lo que dice
    • the year's most talked-about event el acontecimiento más comentado del año
    • you ate it all? talk about greedy! ¿te lo comiste todo? ¡hay que ser glotón!
    • for a basic kit you're talking about $900 para un equipo básico hay que pensar en unos 900 dólares
    • she's talking of retiring next year está hablando de jubilarse el año que viene
    • talking of food, when's dinner? hablando de comida / a propósito de comida ¿a qué hora se cena?
    • the much talked-of project has come to nothing el proyecto del que tanto se ha hablado ha quedado en agua de borrajas
    • are you talking to me ? ¿me hablas a mí?
    • I wasn't talking to you yo no estaba hablando contigo / no te estaba hablando a ti
    • who was that you were talking to? ¿con quién hablabas?
    • don't talk to me about buses! ¡me vas a decir a mí lo que son los autobuses!
    • aren't you two talking to each other? ¿ustedes no se hablan?
    • he wanted someone to talk to necesitaba a alguien con quien hablar
    • to talk to oneself hablar solo
    • I was only talking to myself estaba hablando solo
    • he was talking at rather than to us se estaba escuchando a sí mismo, más que hablando con nosotros
    • they talked right past each other hablaron sin entenderse
    • to get talking ponerse a hablar
    • how did you get talking to / with him? ¿cómo fue que entablaste conversación / que te pusiste a hablar con él?
    • she kept him talking while I escaped ella lo entretuvo hablando mientras yo me escapé
    • they talked away for hours estuvieron horas charlando
    • they talk in millions of dollars hablan de millones de dólares
    • don't talk daft! ¡no digas bobadas!
    • to talk dirty / filthy decir vulgaridades
    • it's easy for you to talk! ¡es fácil decirlo / hablar!
    • you're just lazy! — you can talk! / you can't talk! / look who's talking! ¡es que eres un vago! — ¡mira quién habla!
    • now you're talking! ¡así se habla!
    • money talks poderoso caballero es don dinero
  • 3

    • 3.1(have discussion)

      is there somewhere we can talk? ¿podemos hablar en privado?
      • we've got to talk tenemos que hablar
      • I'm always here if you want to talk si necesitas hablar con alguien, aquí estoy
      • the two sides are ready to talk las dos partes están dispuestas a negociar
      • to talk about sth
      • we have to talk about dates tenemos que discutir posibles fechas
      • they refuse to talk about sovereignty se niegan a entrar en negociaciones sobre soberanía
      • North End confirmed they were talking to players, but refused to name names.
      • We want them to talk to each other in addition to their governments talking.

    • 3.2(give talk)

      dar una charla
      to talk about / on sth hablar de/sobre algo

    • 3.3(gossip)

      people will talk va a dar mucho que hablar
      • you know how she talks ya sabes cómo le gusta hablar
      • you can't stop people talking no se puede evitar que la gente haga comentarios
      • These long ago promised chairs have had the whole office talking for weeks now.
      • She's the bride-to-be who's got the whole country talking about her cold feet.
      • He always was a big name here in New York, but now the whole country's talking about him.

    • 3.4(reveal secret)

      to make sb talk hacer hablar a algn
      • Multinationals will go to any lengths to keep their employees from talking, we can reveal.
      • Some talked and sold their secrets for their lives.

verbo transitivo

  • 1coloquial

    they were talking Italian hablaban (en) italiano
    • to talk golf/economics hablar de golf/economía
    • we're talking big money here estamos hablando de mucho dinero
    • don't talk nonsense! ¡no digas tonterías!
  • 2

    (argue, persuade)
    to talk sb into / out of sth/ -ing convencer a algn de que / de que no + subj
    • he talked me into doing it me convenció de que lo hiciera
    • see if you can talk her out of it! a ver si puedes convencerla de que no lo haga
    • to talk one's way / oneself into/out of sth
    • she had to talk her way out of trouble tuvo que usar mucha labia para salir del aprieto
    • he talked himself into a corner se metió en aprietos / en un lío por hablar
    • she talked herself into the job habló tan bien que le dieron el trabajo


  • 1

    conversación femenino
    I gathered very little from my talk with her saqué muy poco en limpio de mi conversación con ella
    • it's time we had a little talk ya es hora de que hablemos seriamente
    • I had a long talk with him estuve platicando un rato largo con él
  • 2

    charla femenino
    to give a talk about / on sth dar una charla sobre algo
  • 3

    (feminine plural) conversaciones
    (feminine plural) negociaciones
    to have / hold talks mantener / sostener conversaciones
    • the two leaders met for talks los dos líderes se reunieron para dialogar
  • 4

    (suggestion, rumor)
    there is talk of his retiring se habla de que / corre la voz de que se va a jubilar
    • there was even talk of … llegó incluso a hablarse de …
    • it was the talk of the town no se hablaba más que de eso
  • 5coloquial, despectivo

    palabrería femenino coloquial despectivo
    (feminine plural) palabras
    it's just talk! es pura palabrería coloquial despectivo
    • you get nothing but talk from him! habla mucho pero luego nada
    • all that talk about making me a star! ¡tanto hablar de que me iban a convertir en una estrella!
    • to be all talk (and no action) hablar mucho y no hacer nada